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TRAINER System™The TRAINER System™ of appliances provide comprehensive treatment of bad oral habits, before, during and after orthodontics.

MYOBRACE® SystemThe MYOBRACE® is a new concept in orthodontic treatment based on the time proven principles of the original positioner concept.

TMJ System™The TMJ System™ developed by Myofunctional Research Co. now involves a day time appliance that allows speech, a night time appliance which gives an immediate TMJ symptoms relief and a special version for mouth breathers and snorers.

Mouthguards POWRGARD® World Leading Technology. A new range of high technology mouthguards developed by Myofunctional Research Co. is leading the world of mouthguards, been able to capture the prestige quality retail market in North America and Europe. The protection through the Shock Transfer Core® and Air Spring Core™ of both the dentition and the TMJs has substantially improved the level of protection available to the average and advanced sporting person.