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The MYOBRACE® System™

The MBN™ (MYOBRACE® No Core™)

Maximum Flexibility, Comfort and Alignment

When phasing in the regular MYOBRACE®, the MBN™ can be very useful for myofunctional habit correction while sleeping due to it's better adaptability to the patient.

The MYOBRACE® No Core™ (MBN™) is simply a regular MYOBRACE® without the inner DynamiCore™. This satisfies the preference in some cases for a more flexible appliance. Although the MBN™ loses some of the MYOBRACE®'s unique effectiveness, it gains a large amount of flexibility to fit more mouths, and provides a high level of patient compliance.

The MBN™ features the MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™ to re-train the oral musculature which assists in correcting arch development and dental alignment. This makes the MBN™ a vastly superior appliance to normal positioners. Unnecessary sizes have been eliminated (the MBN™ is available in 7 sizes - not 20) making MYOBRACE® the most effective system.

1. The MYOBRACE® with No Inner Core™ (MBN™).
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Appliance Features

A New Development in Positioners

Prefabricated positioners have been in use for decades, and have their places in Orthodontic treatment. The different types all have advantages and disadvantages - multiple sizes, too hard for good patient compliance, or too soft to work. The disadvantages have limited their widespread use, although the original concept from Kessling .... 40 years ago, still has great merit.

One of the greatest limitations of all traditional orthodontic systems is that they align teeth with good efficiency, but do nothing to keep them in the new position once the treatment method is removed.

Myofunctional Research Co. has for the past two decades approached the treatment of malocclusion from a different direction. All MRC appliances provide highly effective, proven treatment of soft tissue dysfunction., tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, and other myofunctional habits - optimally during the early mixed dentition - using only minimal dental alignment forces.

Released in 2005, the MYOBRACE® was the first appliance to combine the Myofunctional Effect™ with the traditional positioner concept, eliminating many past problems associated with functional appliances. The combination of well proven myofunctional treatment with soft and flexible positioners - and the addition of the patented DynamiCore™ - was an instant success, particularly in the late mixed dentition stage.

Class II correction has proven to be very effective in many cases, due primarily to the active upper anterior arch development, and retraining of the tongue.

There are now a number of conventional positioner systems available, though they are generally inferior to the MYOBRACE System™. Some of the softer appliances have the potential to fit a wider range of patients, but in doing so offer less effective treatment.. Some doctors have a preference for this added flexiblity.

The MYOBRACE System™

Straightens Teeth without Braces - Suitable for every stage of treatment.

Starter (MBS™) Regular (MB™) No Core (MBN™)
Starter (MBS™) - Wider adaptability for starting cases and good arch development. DynamiCore™ for active arch development in 2 hardnesses.
No Tooth-Slots for extra adaptability and single size.

Regular (MB™) - Optimum dental alignment and arch development in late mixed and early permanent dentition. 7 sizes with Tooth-Slots and DynamiCore™ for optimal results.

No Core (MBN™) - Maximum flexibility, best for more severe cases, patient comfort and good dental alignment. 7 sizes. It features Tooth-Slots and no DynamiCore™ for extra flexibility.

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