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From the CEO
Behind the MYOBRACE® design.
MRC's models for Shock Docctor.
Scientifically Speaking
Recent research results and publications.
Export Awards
MRC wins Local Business Award.
MRC Global
Better communication between MRC, Doctors and patients.
MRC Events 2005
The year so far with MRC.
MRC and Hygienetown
An article on Early Jaw Development and Tooth Alignment Control Without Braces.
Portuguese Website - A friendly and fresh website in Portuguese.
MRC Educational Media
MRC Complete Systems CD-ROM and MYOBRACE® including MBS™ CD-ROM.

From the CEO

Hello everyone,

Dr Daniel Rollet, an Orthodontist from Pontalier, France had used the T4K™ as a major part of his treatment plans over the past 10 years, also using Occlus-o-Guides and Elastodontics, routinely to finish his cases. After my visits with Dr Rollet throughout 2000 to 2004, we began to evaluate the deficiencies of these current appliances. It was clear the T4K™
was good at habit correction and initial dental alignment, but lacked the power to finalize most cases. Added to this, we were finding that the T4K™ would not hold arch expansion often used as part of early treatment. Compliance and incorrect myofunctional design of the positioners was a real problem.

Because it was made from soft material (silicone), the T4K™ had good patient compliance, whereas positioners were made from very hard PVC to get the desired dental movements. These made for a very rigid appliance that was difficult to wear and uncomfortable.

After considerable experimentation, the decision was made to take our experience in dual moulding to insert an nylon inner frame into a thicker TRAINER, adding tooth aligning slots similar to a conventional positioner. Since the outer part was now soft silicone (known for comfort), there was less need for multiple sizes because of the flexibility of the material. This was also a common complaint of the users of Occlus-o-Guide®. Too many sizes. So we reduced from twenty individual sizes to just six, also eliminating the extra small and extra large sizes.

The MYOBRACE® has been rapidly accepted in countries who have high use of positioner type appliances as a complete orthodontic treatment. You can still use brackets for final alignment, but without the worry of root resorbsion which research now shows is routinely occurring with long term use of fixed appliances. Orthodontists and Dentists in France, Italy, Finland and Russia have been already been experiencing high levels of success replacing the old positioner/Occlus-o-Guide® systems with the MYOBRACE®.

Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Syd Uni)
CEO and Founder

Dr GermanScientifically Speaking

Dear Friends,

It has been an exciting year developing research for the TRAINER System™ and having this research published in scientific journals. Myself and three well recognized colleagues, Dr. John Flutter from Australia, Dr. Eider Junior from Brazil and Dr. Antanas Sidlauskas from Lithuania have developed an interesting study where we have shown the effect of the T4K™ on transversal development. We intend to publish these results in a high impact journal.

Coming soon are two new publications. The first will be in Issue 5 of the International Journal of Jaw Functional Orthopedics and explains how Soft Tissue Dysfunction is a very important etiological factor for malocclusions. The journal is published in Brazil and is also edited in English and Portuguese. The second paper will be in the Clinical Orthodontic Magazine published in Spain, and there we explain the advantage of using the ORTHO System™ (BWS™ and TRAINER) to increase arch perimeter and avoid extractions. Both papers will be found on the MRC website as soon as they are published.

Finally, I invite you to read the MRC Newsletter: Scientifically Speaking (Issues 1 and 2 can be downloaded from the MRC website), where I provide scientific information about the modus operandi of the TRAINERS, and the advantages of using functional appliances to treat malocclusions.

Best regards,
Dr. German O. Ramirez-Yañez
Scientific Researcher for MRC

Damien O'BrienMRC Global - A World Perspective

Hello readers,

The release of the Complete Systems CD-ROM sees a whole new era developing in communication between MRC, the doctors and the patients.

It is now so much easier to get a clear and correct message about Soft Tissue Dysfunction, cranio facial growth and the MRC TRAINER System™ across to the doctor. The simple, quick animations and videos make effective communication so much easier.

Also for the doctor, the Complete Systems CD-ROM creates a simple, quick and effective chairside technique that helps a patient understand the need to treat Soft Tissue Dysfunction (habit problems, not just tongue thrusting and mouth breathing but also incorrect swallow).

We are now entering an amazing time where just like movie DVD's, MRC will also have the technology to provide The Complete Systems CD-ROM in many languages to help get the message across.

One of the new support materials, a 12 page brochure that explains Soft Tissue Dysfunstion and the 3 Systems will also begin to be offerred in many languages:

- TRAINER System™ to correct habits,
- MYOBRACE System™ to straighten teeth,
- and the TMJ System™

The MRC website itself is of course the most amazing tool for clear and up-to-date information. A doctor can use this to obtain a clear understanding of the MRC appliances and then of course it becomes much easier to communicate with their local representative.

The world becomes much smaller for MRC with this latest technology and everybody's job continues to become easier and better.

Damien O'Brien
MRC Global Sales & Training Executive


"Damien O’Brien is driven by a passion to help children and adults have good-looking facial profiles and better functioning smiles through correcting their bad myofunctional habits. He’s Australian, but rarely at home as he spends most of his time traveling the world attending dental meetings and talking to anyone who will listen about the long-term benefits of early orthodontic intervention." By Trisha O’Hehir, RDH, BS Hygienetown Editorial Director, July 2005..

View full article.

MRC Educational Media

The multimedia team at MRC are continuously working together on translations for both the MRC Complete Systems CD-ROM and MYOBRACE® CD-ROM. The updated version is now available for both our representatives and doctors.

Also, we are working through translations of our videos and CD-ROM products and will be announcing these additional languages in the near future.

Order your FREE CD-ROM
(sent via your nearest representative).

Thanks everyone.
Aaron Young
Head of Educational Media and Communications for MRC.


In 2002 Shock Doctor Inc, the largest manufacturer of quality mouthguards in the world who have 95% of the quality retail market in the USA, approached MRC wanting to add POWRGARD® technology to it's range.

In 2003 Dr Chris Farrell was requested to design the top end model for Shock Doctor. These were released in 2004 as their complete range of hi-tech mouthguards.

View POWRGARD® Range.

The 4•BRACES has since become a huge seller in the USA, consistenly being one of the top three selling mouthguards over the past year.

MRC Finalist in Export Awards

MRC was recently a Finalist in the 2005 Gold Coast Region Export Awards.

MRC’s mission is allowing treatment to be available for all populations with the use of modern and less complex techniques. From 1991 the products have been introduced into Australia and New Zealand via the Dental and Medical professions. By 1993 FDA approval for the USA and European approvals had been granted, allowing the educational process to commence on a wider scale. Japan, SE Asia and South America followed in subsequent years. MRC lecture extensively in these countries to illustrate the
advantages of the MRC systems.

At the present time, the products have overcome many of the barriers and are now being used in more than 65 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Company Profile

MRC Events 2005

MRC is committed to the prevention and treatment of malocclusion through non-intrusive retraining of the oral musculature and elimination of bad oral habits.

With the aid of newly developed educational media, 2005 has seen MRC attending events all over the world informing professionals about the importance of MYOFUNCTIONAL RESEARCH.

Events Picture Gallery

Portuguese Website

If you have Portuguese speaking patients, you are in Brazil or want to have information available for the patient in Portuguese, please visit:

It's a more friendly and fresh site with pictures, testimonials from professionals, and a page that will explain to you more about soft tissue dysfunction, all in Portuguese.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is appreciated. If you have any views or comments please contact us with any feedback or ideas you have to improve this new service.

MRC Events Gallery 2005

With the aid of newly developed educational media, 2005 has seen MRC attending events all over the world informing professionals about the importance of MYOFUNCTIONAL RESEARCH.

See gallery.

Intoducing the new MYOBRACE® website.

We have produced a new, informative website about the MYOBRACE® and all it's features.


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