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From the CEO - Dr Chris Farrell.

Scientifically Speaking - Introducing Dr German Ramirez.

MRC Global - Sales data and feedback from around the world with Damien O'Brien.

Dr Chris FarrellFrom the CEO

Hello everyone.

MRC are world leaders when it comes to advanced design technology within the field of oral appliances for orthodontics, TMJ treatment and sports mouth-guards. 

The application of this technology has further developed with the addition of a new interactive web site providing clearer communication of concepts in Orthodontics, soft tissue dysfunction and MRC’s appliances.

In late 2004 MRC introduced the TMD appliance. This combined with the successful TMJ Appliance, creates a complete TMJ System. Simple, quick, effective. Now it’s possible to treat headaches, clicking jaws and other symptoms, with one system.

With the introduction of the Myobrace™, MRC is now also at the cutting edge of dual-molded appliance technology with the patented Dynamicore™. A breakthrough providing Active Arch developement. It’s a powerful new system to straighten teeth.

MRC’s new educational CD-ROMs and DVDs are engineered to allow easy navigation.  Puts the important facts, videos and animations at your fingertips.  Links to more detailed information and downloads on the website.  “Makes us all expert lecturers”.

In 2004, MRC appointed the position of Chief Scientific Researcher to Dr. German Ramirez. He is currently coordinating research programs around the world.

MRC has progressed substantially in 2004 and having diversified computer-aided design technology into the fiercely-competitive sports mouthguard market.  This experience was acknowledged when MRC was appointed by Shock Doctor, Inc, the dominators of the North American retail mouth-guard market, to design their entire 2004 premium mouth-guard range.

Have you ever heard the saying: “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery?”.  In Europe, a few appliances are popping up which appear to be following our lead. So far seen in Finland, France and Italy.  Unfortunately, all lack the design expertise and quality of manufacture enjoyed by many thousands of MRC users around the world. On the positive side, it is great to see many years of pioneering, being well accepted.

We will be at IDS 2005 with the largest display of oral appliance technology in MRC’s history. Big announcements, sneak previews and opportunity to experience all the MRC appliance systems, hands-on. 

I look forward to presenting these to you there.

Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Syd Uni)
CEO and Founder of Myofunctional Research Co.

Dr GermanScientifically Speaking

Dear Friends and Colleagues.

Last year I had the opportunity to become a member of the great MRC family, when I was appointed as Chief Scientific Researcher. This allowed me to be in contact and to meet a lot of people around the world who share the dream of communicating Dr. Chris Farrell’s message:

“To treat malocclusions we need first to understand its aetiology, Soft Tissue Dysfunction”.

Today I want to present you the first MRC eNewsletter which I expect to continue editing frequently in addition to my own existing Newsletter. In this eNewsletter, I intend to include questions that I have received from colleagues about the Trainer™ system, the answers I provided, notes about current or developing research as well as publications that may explain and provide scientific support to the Trainer™ system.

In this way, I hope to give you useful information to show those colleagues who still have doubts about the advantages that this system has over the traditional methods of treatment.

We need to maintain open communication sharing our experiences, successes, doubts and even failures, to educate others with our experiences and facilitating the daily work of each member of this family.

Furthermore, I want to invite you to continue sharing with me your questions, doubts and comments about the Trainer™ system, as YOU are my greatest stimulus to initiate this communication.

My best wishes,
German O. Ramirez-Yañez
MRC Chief Scientific Researcher

Damien O'BrienMRC Global - A World Perspective

Dear Readers.

It is an exciting time as MRC awareness continues to grow matched by an ongoing increase in sales globally.

We welcome our new dealers in Colombia, Percoden. Their focus on the MRC appliances and techniques in exposing them to doctors sees a good beginning of business for them.

India continues to grow well under the leadership of Sales Manager: Mr. Jagannatha.

Great growth in Vietnam Mr. Robert Kok!

Also Philippines increases it's sales supported by the new MRC Systems CD-ROM making business easier and easier for communication of the message throughout the country with JRLT Trading Representatives and sub-dealers. JRLT Trading General Manager Mr. Roden Tuazon comments:

"The efforts put in to expand business and create awareness in the beginning have definitely paid off and the new materials created by MRC continue to make things easier and easier!"

More and more doctors are becoming aware of the soft tissue dysfunction issue and the volume of cases globally proving the difference that the appliances make to the facial growth, habit patterns and dental and skeletal form is creating a clear wave of understanding and application with the MRC Appliances.

The newly engineered website and new materials coming from the research, marketing and education departments are creating great support to facilitate this wave of growth. This is an exciting time for MRC globally!

Damien O'Brien
MRC Global Sales & Training Executive

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Additionally, please contact the MRC Marketing Department at with any feedback or comments you have to improve this new service.

The largest display in MRC's history - at IDS 2005, Köln, Germany.

We have produced a short video showcasing just some of the MRC technology to be experienced at IDS 2005.

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Switchers to MRC.
It's just about the facts.

Our latest video advertising campaign turned heads and gained much attention at the recent Chicago Dental Society 140th Midwinter Meeting.

"A doctor can receive virtually a mountain of advertising material and brochures in the course of a day. Unfortunately for the advertisers, much of it goes unnoticed, simply due to the bulky nature of technical product brochures."

"These latest series of short videos and supporting 1-page product brochures to help clinicians who just want the facts and don't have time to read large amounts of text or hype. Our appliance concepts are relatively simple and are best understood when communicated in simple terms." - Dr Chris Farrell.

These movies are also included with the Free CD-ROM offer below.

Click to view all the latest videos now available on our website.

MRC Online Forum & Knowledgebase - COMING SOON!

We are currently developing an online forum and knowledgebase to provide both professional users and potential users a platform for discussion as well as reference.

We anticipate the forum to be online in April 2005. If you would like to be involved just reply to this email.

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