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Scientifically Speaking
Information on Dr. Ramirez's research into cranio-facial development.
MRC Advertisements
Current advertisements with Rafael Clavijo.
MRC Global
Sales data and feedback from around the world with Damien O'Brien.
Upcoming Events
Our upcoming training events listed.
MRC Educational Media
MRC brings to you the latest in our series of educational products.
Portuguese Website - A friendly and fresh website in Portuguese with images, testimonials and more about Soft Tissue Dysfunction.
MYOBRACE® now with MBS™
Europe working well with MYOBRACE® since it's release in April.
Business Awards
MRC wins Local Business Award.

Dr GermanScientifically Speaking

MRC had the opportunity to interview Dr. German Ramirez whilst on a recent visit to Australia.  In this interview he talks about his ongoing research and in particular, the pre-orthodontic use of the TRAINER System™ and tooth alignment with MYOBRACE® as well as answering some frequently asked questions.

See the interview in English
 See the interview in Español

Dr. Ramirez also has published several academic research articles which can be downloaded from the MRC website.

German O. Ramirez-Yañez
Scientific Researcher for MRC

Damien O'BrienMRC Global - A World Perspective

Hello readers.

MRC continues to grow globally across all cultures. What seems to be the key?

Utilisation of a systematic approach by professionals and patients.

MRC are working hard to produce a range of educational tools designed to deliver information easily. Simplicity and ease of duplication are very important coupled with the doctor's enthusiasm to get the message out there. MRC helps with better faces, easier and more effective treatments and certainly better profitability within clinics.

The NEW MRC 12-page brochure compiles all the information you need to know about the systems. MRC's 3-page flip chart is designed specifically for use in consultations and combined with the Complete Systems CD-ROM, will assist you in making the concepts clear and easy to understand for your patients.

The success of the products has increased the demand for lectures to be held around the globe on functional appliances from the TRAINER System™. For the dental professionals already using the products it can be a good idea to put some pressure on your local MRC dealer or representative to organise events such as lectures as well. In some cases, MRC can support with a guest lecturer to help the ongoing awareness in the local area and develop better application of the appliances for the professionals.

The Power of the Media

It has been exciting for me to have just worked with Mr. Manuel Bodra in Costa Rica where the acceptance couldn't be better. Immediately after landing at the airport, we were presented with an invitation to appear on a national television network talk-back show to discuss the importance of MRC's appliances to the children and people in the community. Central America certainly is teaching great awareness through the power of the media. Congratulations to Mr. Bodra on this significant advance.

If YOU have any reports of MRC exposure, please let us know.

Damien O'Brien
MRC Global Sales & Training Executive

MRC Educational Media

Updated CD-ROMs in additional languages

The multimedia team at MRC have been working hard on updating both the MRC Complete Systems CD-ROM and MYOBRACE® including MBS™ CD-ROM.  We are proud to announce to both our representatives and doctors that the updated version is now available. 

Order your FREE CD-ROM
(sent via your nearest representative).

- English
- Español
- Português

Also, we are working through translations of our videos and CD-ROM products and will be announcing these additional languages in the near future.

- Vietnamese
- Indonesian
- Russian
- German
- Italian

Lectures by Wire

The multimedia team at MRC are currently developing a system in which a lecture can be broadcast live across the internet to many viewers or directly into a lecture theatre utilising video streaming and video conferencing technology.

This potentially allows lectures to be delivered on-demand, without the necessity of a presenter to attend in person. This also opens up possibilities of communications with more remote areas and smaller communities not usually on lecture circuits.

We hope to demonstrate this new technology in the near future. Interest should be directed to your local representative.

If you are interest in participating in a test broadcast please contact me.

Thanks everyone.
Aaron Young
Head of Educational Media and Communications for MRC.

Introducing the new MYOBRACE Starter™ (MBS™)

MRC's new MYOBRACE Starter™ Appliance is a welcome addition to the already very popular MYOBRACE System™.  The MYOBRACE System™ was unveiled at IDS 2005 (Cologne, Germany) in April and has since been well accepted in Europe with a major campaign about to begin in the US.


One limitation of the MYOBRACE® with its tooth slots and hard inner core, is that it does not always fit the patient well at the start when the malocclusion is at its most severe. This is normal, but is a commonly known problem with positioner appliances.

For this application, MRC has introduced the MYOBRACE Starter™ or MBS™ - specifically designed for use prior to the regular multi-sized MYOBRACE® with tooth slots.

The MBS™ features a softer, more flexible DynamiCore™ and comes without individual tooth slots. The MBS™ can be used with these more severe cases for the first 6-12 months.

Go to

MRC wins Local Business Award.

MRC is the winner of the 2005 GOLD COAST BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS in the Mayor’s Innovation Award category for the regions best innovators.

Pictured above with Gold Coast City Mayor Mr. Ron Clarke (centre) is MRC's Head of Marketing Mr. Rafael Clavijo (left) and Head of Global Sales and Training Mr. Damien O'Brien (right).

More event photographs

MRC was also featured in the following Friday's event coverage in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

See the full article here.

Current MRC Advertisements

MRC runs several advertisements in a selection of dental and orthodontic magazines. Library

Upcoming Training Events

October 2005
05 New Zealand, Dental Meeting
06-08 NEC Birmingham UK - Dental Showcase 2005 booth # NO4
06-09 USA, Philadelphia ADA - American Dental Association - Booth 3914
07 Bogota, Colombia - Biblioteca Virgilio Barco, Avenida Carrera 48 # 61 50, Auditorio Principal
14-16 New Zealand, Auckland
14 Medellin, Colombia - Hospital General, Auditorio De La Salud
20-22 Hanoi, Vietnam
21 Bucaramanga, Colombia - Hotel Chicamocha, Auditorio Lievano I
22 Medan, Indonesia
24 Jakarta, Indonesia
28 Cali, Colombia - Clinica Imbanaco, Auditorio Cobo
31 November 11 • Sydney, Australia - International Association of pediatric dentistry
November 2005
16 Delhi
17 Srinagar/Chandigadh
25-30 USA, New York GNYDM - The Greater NewYork Meeting - Booth 131

New website in Portuguese for patients

If you have Portuguese speaking patients, you are in Brazil or want to have information available for the patient in Portuguese, please visit:

Its a more friendly and fresh site with pictures, testimonials from professionals, and a page that will explain to you more about soft tissue dysfunction, all in Portuguese.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is appreciated. If you have any views or comments please contact us with any feedback or ideas you have to improve this new service.

Intoducing the new MYOBRACE® website.

We have produced a new, informative website about the MYOBRACE® and all it's features.


MRC wins Local Business Excellence Award

MRC is the winner of the 2005 GOLD COAST BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS in the Mayor’s Innovation Award category for the region's best innovators.

See related article and gallery.

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