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From The CEO
Dr Chris Farrell

The next series of MRC eNewsletters will contain clinical tips on the use of the MRC appliances. These articles are intended to be a practical addition to MRC's current manuals and CDs. This month features the T4K™.

The Pre – Orthodontic TRAINER™ (T4K™) has been in use since I first designed it in 1992. Although many practitioners have had more than a decade of experience with the T4K™, just as many have not fully integrated this valuable early treatment appliance into routine use.

The target group where best results are obtained are the early mixed dentition cases.
Research has indicated very good results with Class II malocclusion, but I use it EVERY time I see any malocclusion at this stage of development. The myofunctional habits that accompany all malocclusions are most easily corrected at this age and you still have further years of facial growth, which will benefit from the correct function. That leads to a bonus in facial growth. If you can get 1-2 years of compliant use with the T4K™ between the ages of 6 and 8, the majority of children will be guaranteed a much better looking face and minimal orthodontics later with no extractions.

T4K™ in mouth
"Try introducing the harder T4K™ a bit earlier
but just for day use."

I often use the soft T4K™ (Phase I) for the first 3 to 6 months and now introduce the harder T4K™ (Phase II) just for daytime use while continuing the soft T4K™ at night. This gives an ideal phase-in period, as often the harder T4K™ is not well accepted by the child as the higher forces on the teeth do create greater discomfort initially. Try introducing the harder T4K™ a bit earlier but just for day use.

Now we have the MYOBRACE®, I would finish T4K™ treatment after 1-2 years and introduce the MYOBRACE® in the late mixed dentition. The added arch expansion with DynamiCore™ and the tooth guidance will usually allow you to gain that last bit of space and anterior alignment as the permanent dentition comes in. It is a great boost to the parents to know you are really aiming at facial growth and a better looking face, rather than just getting the teeth straight. Better faces with less time in braces is something all children and parents want.

Next month the latest T4K™ development will be released. The first major change since 1992, will see a more robust appliance with some subtle changes to make it more effective. Now made in class I jaw position, with offset posterior upper and lower arches, the T4K™ 2007, I feel, will now be the first choice for all practitioners for early treatment of ALL malocclusions. You can download the press release on the new T4K™ 2007 via

T4K™ 2007
The best early treatment just got better.

Later this year MRC will also be releasing an all-new TRAINER Class III appliance. This incorporates a Frankel type frame and a further offset upper and lower arch form, plus a number of features to assist the early correction of Class III malocclusion.

TRAINER for Class III Correction
All-new TRAINER for
Class III Correction
For our newsletter subscribers we will be offering pre-release samples of both these new developments.

E mail us with the code "T4K 2007" and "T4K Class III" for some pre-release, FREE samples as soon as they become available.

Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Syd Uni)
CEO and Founder

MRC Global - A World Perspective
Mr Damien O'Brien
After almost 10 years in the market, you hear a lot of good stories from doctors as to why the T4K™ has made both clinics and their treatments better and more effective. Interesting too, that whether we are talking about the Usa, Latin America, Asia or India the stories and the effectiveness are very similar.

Below are some observations I have made on the T4K™ from the numerous clinics I visit around the world:

  • Doctors have realised the T4K™ can also be quite amazing for children who have any autisitic problems or disabilities. If the child is prepared to wear the T4K™, it is very effective and provides great results. The first stage is correcting (relatively quickly) a child who breathes through their mouth and not their nose as they should.
  • Having more than one child in a family simultaneously using the T4k™ can be amazingly effective as often the children love the team aspect to see who can get the best results first, thus the compliance factor increases dramatically.
  • More and more dentists implementing T4K™ treatment before orthdontics are finding these cases much easier to deal with. Having the bad oral habits corrected make the case simpler and more effective.

Visit, for both doctor and patient testimonials on the TRAINER System™.

Damien O'Brien
MRC Global Sales & Training Executive

Your Feedback

This months feedback on the TRAINER System™ comes from Carolina Scholtz, D.D.S, M.S.
If you would like to share your comments, please contact the eNewsletter editor.

"I have incorporated these appliances into my practice. From protection from brusixm to correction of skeletal and dental posture, I have witnessed an improvement in the relation between maxilla and mandible, and consequently an improvement in the occlusion, function, and esthetics of patients of malocclusons in the primary and mixed dentition. Once the patient reflects an improvement in the occlusion, the eruption of the remaining permanent dentition is facilitated. The occlusion of the patient is well on its' way to adapting to the posture encouraged by the appliance and even when usedi conjuction with orthodontics, it can have siginifican positive effects." View full article.

Issue 13
July 2007

"The T4K™ system is the ideal thing for children and parents, it is important to present the finished information to the parents so that they accept this type of treatment"

Dr Cynthia Jimenez Basauri
Myofunctional Research Co.

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