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IDS 2007
MRC at IDS 2007, Cologne, Germany.
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ISMCCD Myofunctional Symposium
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IDS 2007


IDS 2007 will be a great opportunity for all to see a complete showcase of MRC.

Just when you thought MRC had come up with the best techniques for awareness and education it gets even better! MRC has seen yet again enormous growth since the last IDS in 2005, and again will be set to educate and support visitors world wide, all seeking to offer a better comprehensive approach to the health of their patients.

It has been exciting to see the development of a vast number of dentist's beginning to see a much bigger picture for their clinics. By offering habit correction at all stages of treatment, brackets and also alternate treatments such as the MYOBRACE®, simple expansion and TMJ treatment for patients with connected TMJ problems, clinics who were once using 40-50 appliances a year, now use 600-800 appliances. All this reflects on complete treatments that are easier, quicker, more stable and offer better faces, less TMJ and better posture.

Our booth at the IDS this year will have two rooms for meetings with dealers, 3 presentation areas and a large front display where Dr Chris Farrell will officially be announcing new support materials, videos, educational support, MRC Clinics and many new appliances. Dr Chris Farrell and his team will also be available to answer your questions and look at individual cases.

It will be great seeing so many people to update and support with all the latest MRC developments. See you this March at IDS 2007.

IDS 2007, Cologne, Germany

IDS 2007
March 20 - 24
Cologne, Germany
MRC BOOTH: H030 / J031

1st International Symposium on Myofunctional Correction and Cranio-Facial Development (ISMCCD)

The ISMCCD Myofunctional Symposium is a unique opportunity to experience an open forum with speakers and deligates. The conference format will be morning lectures followed by afternoon activities following a unique lunch opportunity – you will be able to “book a table” to dicuss in an open forum any topic with a speaker during the lunch period. This will be a unique and additional learning experience for all. Activity times will be optional excursions where informal discussions will be commonplace. All in the atmosphere of the Gold Coast broadwater.

The majority of children can expect to grow up with a malocclusion. In every country throughout the world you see children from the age of 4 years with underdeveloped arches and early signs of crowding. Is orthodontics using braces the cure for this epidemic? Generally, Dental professionals say yes.Every country has a large group of children with parents wanting more information about their child’s facial and dental development. However the Dental profession and health authorities are largely unmoved by the thought of early treatment due to their confusion regarding what to treat—the teeth, the jaws, the habits, or what really matters: the causes. Only with a sound knowledge of what is happening can dental professionals treat anything. Orthodontics has already demonstrated a century of failure to address the problem. There remain as many patients out of Orthodontic treatment with malocclusion as there are children waiting for treatment with century-old techniques.The ISMCCD Myofunctional Symposium will feature the leaders in the movement for change. For Decades Dr. John Mew has pushed for a change to growth guidance and Orthotropics. Dr. Chris Farrell and Dr. John Flutter have followed the philosophy into different approaches. Each conference speaker has been selected to present their unique variations on the early treatment approach. Be ready for the change. Attend the ISMCCD.


  1. Dr. German Ramirez (Canada)
  2. Dr. John Flutter (UK)
  3. Dr. Ari Masters (Australia)
  4. Dr. Derek Mahony (Australia)
  5. Dr. John Mew (England)
  6. Dr. Masashi Fukuoka (Japan)
  7. Dr. Yukio Kitafusa (Japan)
  8. Dr. Chris Farrell (Australia)
    And more to be announced...


This conference will explore the diverse opinion even within the speakers on the best theoritical and practical solutions.

  1. How to reconise early growth and development problems
  2. Early intervention – what to treat.
  3. Early treatment based oral biology
  4. With better faces do we need braces?
  5. Myofunctional Therapy and speech
  6. Postural aspects of malocclusion
  7. When to use fixed appliances – the debate
  8. Tongue position ond function related to arch form and TM/D
  9. Breathing – Airway – Growth – Malocclusion
  10. Early class III treatment


29 August – 1 September 2007
Sea World Resort

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Upcoming Training Events

March 2007
10-11 Understanding Cephalometrics Analysis/Radiology used in the
Orthodontic Office. EODO
20-24 Cologne, GERMANY. IDS - 32nd  International Dental Show.
April 2007
16-19 Moscow, RUSSIA. Moscow International Dental Forum 2007. RDA
21-22 Sydney, AUSTRALIA. Perio/Ortho Interface. EODO.
28-29 Sydney, AUSTRALIA. OSA Snoring Course. EODO.
May 2007
2-6 Mexico City, MEXICO. 47th International Dental Expo. AMIC
18-22 Seattle, USA. The 107th Annual Session. AAO
22-25 Broome, AUSTRALIA. 15th Biennial Convention of the Australian
and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry
26-27 Mixed Dentition Treatment. EODO
June 2007
14-17 Hong Kong, CHINA. IAPD - 21st Congress
15-17 Darling Harbour, AUSTRALIA. The Good Health & Beauty Show.
16-17 Sydney, AUSTRALIA. Biomechanics in Clinical Orthodontics.

Events and Education.

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"I have been using the TRAINER System™ for 12 years. Not only is it the best for early treatment, but the only product that combines both orthodontics and the correction of soft tissue dysfunction."

Dr Robert Foster
Gold Coast, Australia

MRC's IDS 2007 Update

A personal invitation from Dr Chris Farrell to join us at the IDS 2007, plus a glimpse of what to expect.

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Events Gallery 2007

MRC's 2007 Events Gallery has been improved to include larger versions of every image for every event!

2007 Events Gallery

1st International Symposium On Myofunctional Correction and Cranio-Facial Development.

29 August - 1 September 2007

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