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The TRAINER System™ - Habit correction before, during and after treatment
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From The CEO
The history of MRC at IDS.
Events and Education
Our upcoming training events listed.
IDS 2007
IDS, Cologne, Germany 2007.
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From The CEOCEO - Dr. Chris Farrell


It's now 10 years since MRC first exhibited at the IDS Cologne, the world's largest dental exhibition. In 1997 the MRC display consisted of just one table in a booth shared with Dentramar BV who sold many other products.

Now, in 2007, the MRC booth has grown to 7 meters x 8 meters, and has a team of eight people.

Back then, we had only two products and not many customers in Europe. Now, ten years on, we have a comprehensive range of some 20 appliance designs for the expanding needs of the Dental and Orthodontic Practice. Our distribution is also widespread with most countries in Europe using substantial numbers of all appliances in the MRC range.

So what has fuelled this growth? My opinion is that education has been the most important aspect. Once it is understood that myofunctional habits are the key causes of poor facial growth, malocclusion and TMJ disorder, then treatment soon becomes mandatory.

The MRC range is the only one of its kind available to treat these problems effectively and with minimal chair time.

MRC Team - IDS, Germany 2007
MRC Team - IDS, Germany 2007

At IDS in 2007 it was great to discuss uses of the TRAINER™ and MYOBRACE® appliance systems with doctors from all over the world. In addition, I traveled to Russia and presented the latest information on the MYOBRACE® to a packed room of Orthodontists and Dentists in Moscow. There was one clear message in all of this - despite the amount of very good educational material, the general questions I received indicated that there was a need for more clinical tips on how and when to use the appliances and what cases were showing more success.

We all now see how widespread the myofunctional problem is.

The introduction of the INFANT TRAINER™ as a preventive device was well-accepted by the dentists seeing children in the primary dentition.

INFANT TRAINER™ - For habit correction

I presented the new 3D explanation of how malocclusion occurs in various configurations, which directly relates to the dysfunctional lip and tongue function.

In future issues of this newsletter, we will focus on just one MRC product per issue and provide short clinical tips for patient selection and management to get the best results. Many of these tips will not be in the manuals yet as they have grown from my own clinical experience and that of other doctors using the MRC approach.

Next month we will start with the all-popular T4K™ and also give you information on the latest update to the T4K™, which is to be released in the next few months.

If you have specific questions that you would like answered in future eNewsletter publications, please direct your questions to our eNewsletter editor.

Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Syd Uni)
CEO and Founder

IDS 2007Mr. Damien O'Brien

IDS Germany 2007. It was a great experience for many dentists from around the world to be involved in, and have exposure to ongoing lectures from Dr. Chris Farrell. Poised on yet another growth curve, Dr. Farrell shared many of his own cases and helped dentists understand the simplicity of detecting soft tissue dysfunction. Open mouth posture, strong mentalis and narrow arch form.

Audiences were also enthusiastic to see the introduction of many new appliances including the INFANT TRAINER™, MYOBRACE® with no inner core, and the new TMJ Mouth Breathing appliance (very useful also in severe mouth breathers and cases of sleep apnea).

MRC’s booth at IDS was ideally set up, allowing new dentists, discussion groups and seminars within a cosy, cushioned area central to the booth. There were also specific, individual rooms for more specific discussions - particularly with dentists wanting to evolve their clinics into using a much wider and more diverse range of the MRC appliances to help patients at all levels of treatment.

IDS 2007 IDS 2007 IDS 2007

The surprise of IDS 2007 was not all the new appliances, or even having exclusive, ongoing availability of Dr. Farrell himself. It was the fact that so many dentists from so many countries are really seeing how often soft tissue dysfunction is a problem.

Exciting to see, because this means a spin-off of better cranio-facial growth, less relapse and less TMJ problems. Great!

Damien O'Brien
MRC Global Sales & Training Executive

Upcoming Training Events

May 2007
2-6 Mexico City, MEXICO. 47th International Dental Expo. AMIC
16 San Jose, COSTA RICA. Villa Tournon Seminario MYO
18-22 Seattle, USA. The 107th Annual Session. AAO
22-25 Broome, AUSTRALIA. 15th Biennial Convention of the Australian
and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry
26-27 Mixed Dentition Treatment. EODO
30 San Jose, COSTA RICA. Hotel Corobici Congreso ACCO
June 2007
14-17 Hong Kong, CHINA. IAPD - 21st Congress
15-17 Darling Harbour, AUSTRALIA. The Good Health & Beauty Show.
16 Sto. Tomas - Heredia, COSTA RICA. Hotel Bougainvillea
Seminario MYO
16-17 Sydney, AUSTRALIA. Biomechanics in Clinical Orthodontics.
July 2007
21 San Jose, COSTA RICA. Villa Tournon Seminario MYO
28-29 Sydney, AUSTRALIA. Passive Self Ligation Course. EODO.
August 2007
10 San Jose, COSTA RICA. Hotel Corobici Congreso FUNDECO
18-19 Sydney, AUSTRALIA. Surgical Orthodontics. EODO.
25 Sto. Tomas - Heredia, COSTA RICA. Hotel Bougainvillea
Seminario MYO
29-1 Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA. 1st International Symposium on
Myofunctional Correction and Cranio-Facial Development.

Events and Education.

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"I have been using the TRAINER System™ for 12 years. Not only is it the best for early treatment, but the only product that combines both orthodontics and the correction of soft tissue dysfunction."

Dr Robert Foster
Gold Coast, Australia

1st International Symposium on Myofunctional Correction and Cranio-Facial Development


1st International Symposium On Myofunctional Correction and Cranio-Facial Development.

29 August - 1 September 2007

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TRAINER System™ - Habit correction before, during and after treatment
MYOBRACE System™ - A new concept in orthodontic treatment
TMJ System™ - Immediate and effective diagnosis and treatment

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