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From The CEO
Dr Chris Farrell

Users of the TRAINER™ system find they get very good results with the compliant patient and are often hesitant to move to the MYOBRACE® because they have not fully understood the differences between the 2 systems. Certainly the MYOBRACE® system brings in more complexities like seven sizes, DynamiCore™ or no Dynamicore™ and tooth slots. Patient selection is more critical than with the “one size fits all malocclusions” T4K™.

So what is the advantage that warrants the extra complications?

Simply, it is arch development and rapid anterior dental alignment in the late mixed dentition. Also it is a real braces substitute particularly in those cases where you do some maxillary arch development. You can finish a lot of cases at late mixed/early permanent dentition with low chair side time. Move to very short braces time if you wish exact tooth control and you will find you get the further advantage of superior level of stability that makes the treatment plans more predictable.

"So how do we start with the MYOBRACE® without getting too complicated?"

Patient selection is twofold. As always select motivated and organised patients. Children who want the treatment and can get into a routine are the best. The second selection factor is fit. The MYOBRACE® needs a reasonably regular arch form to fit the patient and actively develop that anterior arch form. If teeth are way out of the arch or the arch is really narrow, the MYOBRACE® will not engage the teeth so well. This is where I use the BWS™ but you can use conventional arch expanders first, then continue on to the MYOBRACE®. I find now I regularly commence treatment with the MYOBRACE® (with DynamiCore™ and tooth slots) for two hours daily and the MBN™ (No DynamiCore™, but with tooth slots) at night while sleeping. This optimises arch development and compliance, After 6 months replace the MBN™ at night with the regular MYOBRACE® to finish the case.

Once you experience a few cases, you will see the great anterior arch development that is achieved. It seems this added space not only eliminates any need to extract, but the tongue space is also increased in the area where it is really needed, giving quite amazing class II and deep bite correction. Lower anterior alignment also seems to be rock stable in the majority of cases.

The MYOBRACE® - No Inner (MBN™)
"Once you experience a few cases, you will see the great anterior arch development that is achieved."

The extra active function of the MYOBRACE® over the TRAINER System™ means when you achieve the desired correction STOP the treatment with the MYOBRACE®. It is so active in compliant patients, overcorrection can occur. Not always, but this is not a “set and forget” appliance. Monitor progress at least every 2 months.

I use a T4A™ as a retainer as it has a nice thin base when you have corrected the deep bit, it maintains arch form and is very robust. Keep them going about another 12 months at night only and the stability is usually great. Of course only if mouth posture and tongue function are correct will you have good stability.

So start with a few mild class II crowding cases or post upper arch expansion in the late mixed dentition and see the positive reaction of patients and their parents.

MYOBRACE® Case Study
MYOBRACE® Case Study
This case is too severe to start with the MYOBRACE® and has been developed with the BWS™ and T4K™ for 6 months progressing to the MYOBRACE® and MBN™ to finish. These cases show great stability. Try this at home.
MYOBRACE® Case Study MYOBRACE® Case Study

What kid really wants braces for 2 years? None really. The MYOBRACE® is a great system to enhance the early treatment with the T4K™. And the new 2007 T4K™ works even better as well.

T4K™ 2007
"..the new 2007 T4K™ works even better.."

Next month I will have more clinical reports on the new I-3™ for interceptive class III correction. A number of Doctors are doing clinical evaluation right now. More next month.

Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Syd Uni)
CEO and Founder

Scientifically Speaking
Dr German Ramirez
MRC Research
The TRAINER System™ involves a philosophy of treatment, which permits to treat malocclusions through the re-education and normalization of the muscular activity of the facial and masticatory muscles, as well as of the muscles of the tongue. The MYOBRACE® as part of that family, shares all the features of the TRAINERs, but it goes a step forward; it also delivers force on the anterior teeth guiding them into a correct alignment.

Up to date, we have produced scientific evidence demonstrating that the TRAINERSs, including the MYOBRACE®, change the posture and stimulate rotation of the mandible (Usumez, Angle Orthod, 2004). Furthermore, it has also been scientifically proven that the TRAINERs produce more transverse development of the dental arches than that expected with natural growth (Ramirez-Yañez, J Clin Pediatr Dent, 2007). And, all this scientific evidence is applicable to the MYOBRACE®, as it also has those features of the TRAINERs (lingual tag, buccal shields, channels to change the posture of the mandible), which produce those proven effects in the oral system.

The MYOBRACE® and DynamiCore™
"The MYOBRACE®... shares all the features of the TRAINERs, but it goes a step forward; it also delivers force on the anterior teeth guiding them into correct alignment."

Therefore, with the advantage of additionally delivering force directly on the teeth, the MYOBRACE® may become another tool in the armamentarium of those dentists who want to treat malocclusions where soft tissue dysfunction is present (for more information see Ramirez-Yañez, Int J Jaw Funct Orthop, 2005), and tooth alignment is required through physiological force without the risk of root resorption.

Academic Research Articles

Dr. German O. Ramirez-Yañez
Scientific Researcher for MRC

MRC Global - A World Perspective
Mr Damien O'Brien
As I travel through different countries it is evident that more and more TRAINER users are beginning use of the MYOBRACE® after using the TRAINER.

Doctors tell me they love using the MYOBRACE® to get tooth movement and finish with better results - less root resorption, less decalcification, no relapse and quicker treatment times. With the introduction of the MBN™ (MYOBRACE® NO INNER CORE) these doctors have been impressed at the increased patient compliance it has offered them. Patients have been able to use MBN™ at nite initially giving a more comfortable treatment, particularly when the malocclusion is a little more severe. This has then lead to very successful application of the MYOBRACE®.

"Doctors tell me they love using the MYOBRACE®"

Orthodontics have found they now have an immediate treatment they can offer to patients where it is a little too early for bracket treatment. With the choices of MBN™ and also the T4A™ as a retainer, doctors are clearly seeing much better results with less tooth movement occuring after treatment.

To be very clear though, doctors who choose a good method for compliance, whether it is reward or punishment that is set up with the patient's agreement are getting the results. The best results are also where the doctor completely believes in what they are doing and shares information with the patient effectively, then sets up the expectation for doctor and patient to work together during the treatment time.

Clearly MYOBRACE® has made a strong statement on how MRC is leading the way in innovative treatments.

Damien O'Brien
MRC Global Sales & Training Executive
Your Feedback

This months feedback on the MYOBRACE® System™ comes from Joe Kerwin, DDS.
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"I love the Myobrace system and am finding it works well even outside the age ranges in your pamphlet. I have been wearing one myself for 3 months and am seeing improvements. I have a few comments and questions. As much as I liked the original myobrace, I find the MBN is superior. I am one of the minority of dentists that assess appliances using cranial assessments. These appliances seem to be some of the most beneficial I have tested. I get good reports of noticeable changes within 1 month on the majority of my cases." View full article.

In This Edition - The MYOBRACE®
Issue 14
October 2007

"Under the holistic dentistry umbrella, I have witnessed today's high tech MYOBRACE® evolve from the early chewing brushes."

"With good case, selection and timing MYOBRACE® corrections have been remarkable."

Dr Chris Jackson BDSc (Melb)
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