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In This Edition - Patient education in your clinic
Issue 17 - June 2008
From The CEO
Patient flow and education working together to improve your clinic.
Interactive Presentations
Online, interactive presentations for Age Selection and Soft Tissue Dysfunction.
NEW - Clinic Education CD-ROM
Now the causes of malocclusion and its treatment can be simply explained.
IDS 2009
MRC and the 33rd International Dental Show 2009, Germany.
From The CEO
Dr Chris Farrell
Education in your clinic has never been more important.

The Myofunctional Research Co. was founded in 1989, and is committed to the prevention and treatment of malocclusion through non-intrusive retraining of the oral musculature and elimination of bad oral habits.

MRC’s appliance designs for orthodontic and TMJ treatment are dedicated to being more effective, easier to use and available to a wider population at a lower cost.

Since 1989, MRC has continued to develop more appliances for wider applications. Orthodontic, Paediatric and dental professionals throughout the world now use these extensively.

With the introduction of the Farrell BENT WIRE System™ in 2000, the MYOBRACE® (a new concept in orthodontic treatment) in 2005, through to the early preventive and interceptive measures with the INFANT TRAINER™ in 2006 and the i-3™ in 2007, MRC now have a complete, integrated system for orthodontic treatment.

Many are now realising the complete range of MRC appliances effectively treat the vast majority of orthodontic cases present in our practices, and in addition, they are successful over a wide range of age groups.

NEW - MRC Clinics Educational CD-ROM.
"The significance of education towards understanding how Soft Tissue Dysfunction plays a major role in malocclusion and poor facial growth
is greatly underestimated."


"Using the MRC Clinics Educational CD-ROM (due for release late June 2008), these educational sessions can be performed in groups, or one on one prior to treatment."

Once a parent is educated to the role of Soft Tissue Dysfunction in malocclusion and poor facial development, they recognise the need for treatment of all their children, not just those in the “orthodontic age group”. There is now an increasing demand in clinics worldwide from parents wanting to treat all their children simultaneously, whether they are 4 or 14.

A small number of Doctors have adapted their entire practice to the application of the TRAINER, MYOBRACE® and TMJ Systems. MRC has recognised the need to further assist these (and other) Doctors to adopt the concept of a clinic entirely devoted to the MRC philosophy and appliance systems. Implementing the MRC Clinics System has real patient benefits, matched by financial benefits to the Doctor and parents.

Incorporating the importance of parent and patient education, the MRC Clinics System allows this vital time to be maintained by well-trained auxiliaries. Using the MRC Clinics Educational CD-ROM (due for release late June 2008), these educational sessions can be performed in groups, or one on one prior to treatment. This leaves the Doctor free to focus on the development of treatment plans, and to initiate fitting of appliances with all new patients. A well-trained auxiliary can also perform basic follow-up visits with checking appliance use and treatment progress – in fact, the majority of clinic procedures can be performed by auxiliaries.

"The clinic layout shown above indicates an ideal MRC Clinics premises."

Having many treatment areas with dental chairs is no longer the model office. The clinic layout shown above indicates an ideal MRC Clinics premises, with one to two basically-equiped surgeries. From the conventional waiting room, education and evaluation rooms, patient flow is carefully directed from the time a patient enters the clinic. Multiple work areas to educate and evaluate these patients can be put into action using this proposed layout.

A change in clinic layout and patient flow to match the new MRC Clinics System can bring great benefits into the practice. This includes efficiency and lower treatment costs while increasing practice profitability.

Register your interest in the new MRC Clinics System.

Dr. Farrell to lecture in Vietnam 1-5 July 2008

Ho Chi Minh City
Dr. Farrell BDS, will be in Vietnam during
1st - 5th July 2008, presenting a series of lectures on "The MYOFUNCTIONAL approach to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of malocclusion." Also included in talks will be information on the new MRC Clinics System.

Click here to contact N.K.Luck for further information

Dr. Chris Farrell BDS (Syd Uni)
CEO and Founder

NEW - Clinic Education CD-ROM
NEW - Clinic Educational CD-ROM
Click here to order the MRC Clinics Educational CD-ROM.
A new, interactive patient education CD-ROM is now in the final stages of development by the Myofunctional Research Co. Media Department. Including all essential information required to explain the Myofunctional philosophy to parents and patients, the CD-ROM incorporates a visually entertaining presentation of videos, pictures and 3D animations. Now the causes of malocclusion and its treatment can be simply explained.

"Officially due for release late June 2008, contact us for your copy."

Staff members can use this CD-ROM on any computer in the practice to help educate families (in groups, or in one on one sessions before treatment) on the importance of early recognition. The option to view this presentation with or without text, makes the MRC Clinics Educational CD-ROM a highly adaptable presentation - explain Soft Tissue Dysfunction in your own words without the text, or allow the text to guide your patients through each slide. Staff can even provide an overview of possible treatment options for each patient using the patient’s age group as a guide. This will create more demand for treatment, and by implementing the efficiency of the MRC Clinics System into the practice; little chair time is required per patient.

Officially due for release late June 2008, here is your opportunity to contact us for a copy of the new MRC Clinics Educational CD-ROM. Shortly following the release of the Educational CD-ROM, MRC will be releasing a series of support documents and packages devoted to those serious about implementing the MRC Clinics System. Included in this material will be the MRC Clinics Business Administration Plan to assist you in understanding how easily an area of your existing practice can be transformed into a rewarding new education and treatment area.

Order the MRC Clinics Educational CD-ROM.

Age Selection and Soft Tissue Dysfunction Presentations
Whats new at
Interactive Age Selection Guide New to the Myoresearch website is the interactive flash presentation and Age Selection Guide. An easy to use presentation showing MRC product selection based on recommended age groups.
View Presentation Online.
Soft Tissue Dysfunction Presentation A simple presentation developed to explain what Soft Tissue Dysfunction is, and the importance of it's role in orthodontic treatment.
View Presentation Online.

MRC at IDS 2009
MRC to attend IDS 2009
The MRC Team at IDS 2007.
The MRC Team - IDS 2007
MRC have officially confirmed their stay at the 33rd International Dental Show (IDS) in Germany, 2009. Taking place from March 24 to 28, IDS is eagerly expecting a crowd of over 100,000 visitors. Over the next 9 months, we will be keeping you up to date on all essential information and some exciting updates you can expect at the Myofunctional Research Co. booth.

IDS, Germany 2009.


" The MYOBRACE® is a very useful tool in helping nature achieve good function and straight teeth."

Dr. Chris Jackson


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