TMJ/D Directions for use

6. Using the TMD APPLIANCE™.
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Use The TMJ APPLIANCE™ for one hour each day and then after a few days, overnight as well. The TMD APPLIANCE™ is used for all other times (day time use).

The TMJ System™ should reduce symptoms within the first few days but sometimes several weeks of use are necessary before pain relief is experienced. This varies with each person. You should continue to use the Appliances for a minimum of 30 to 60 days after which you can determine how much continued use is needed to maintain symptom relief. Thus should be monitored by your treating Doctor.


Night use - while sleeping
Some people may find this uncomfortable at first, particularly mouth breathers and snorers. The TMJ APPLIANCE™ should help with both, just persevere.
Many people brux, grind and clench their teeth at night and wake with a headache. The TMJ APPLIANCE™ limits these problems with night use and can help reduce the occurence of morning headaches.

Day time use –
Use the TMD APPLIANCE™ for day time.

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