5. The TRAINER System™ treats bad oral habits.

BEFORE, DURING and AFTER orthodontics.

This treatment focuses on prevention, non-intrusive retraining of the oral musculature and the elimination of bad oral habits. Don’t forget that the face is more visible than the teeth. So, in terms of attractiveness and self-confidence, addressing these issues is very important for the child.
“Hi, I’m Cassie and I want to introduce you to the TRAINER system™."

"Different TRAINERs are used before, during and after orthodontic treatment to treat the causes of crooked teeth and bad looking faces.

It stops you from doing the things that you shouldn’t be doing with your mouth muscles and makes you breathe through your nose, like you should.

You have to use the TRAINER every day for at least one hour and while you’re sleeping or it will not work, but that’s not hard – especially if you want to grow up with straight teeth and looking good.”

The T4K™ Pre-orthodontic TRAINERs have helped thousands of children around the world who suffered with incorrect tooth and jaw development. This easy, removable form of treatment is exciting for both patients and their parents.
To get a really good orthodontic result and help our children look as good as possible we need to correct these bad myofunctional habits.

The T4K™ - Trainer for Kids has been specifically developed to provide treatment in the mixed dentition stage, which is the time when the child has both first and permanent teeth – BEFORE regular orthodontic work can begin.

The T4B™ – Trainer for Braces has the same design characteristics, but also has channels to cover the brackets. This greatly reduces the discomfort experienced by patients with braces.

The T4B™ reduces treatment time and improves the stability of orthodontics by treating myofunctional habits such as mouth breathing and tongue thrust at the same time as the teeth are being straightened.

Like any training program, it’s only effective if used regularly (one hour daily plus overnight while sleeping).
As parents we all want the very best for our kids, to be happy, healthy and to feel confident about the way they look. It’s really important to make an early start. Don’t wait, use the TRAINER as soon as a problem is identified and give them the best possible chance to develop a self-confident, attractive appearance and straight teeth.

Every TRAINER System™ appliance is designed for myofunctional correction


• Universal size.
• Easily fitted by patient.
• Used one hour daily plus overnight.

Why wait for orthodontic problems to develop... HELP your child NOW!
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