1. Growth and Development

60 % of a child's growth occurs before age 6. The majority of children develop orthodontic problems at this early age. It is therefore logical to effect therapy at this time. The teeth are guided into position by the lips, cheeks and tongue. The shape of the jaw is affected by mouth breathing and tongue position. All of these functions can be trained correctly to help develop normal teeth, jaws and faces.

Jimme and Dr. Ortho

From 3 years of age Jimme's teeth did not look right. At 8 years old he will look even worse, causing other kids to make fun of him. At 11 years he will have braces and 4 teeth taken out.

Dr. Ortho says,
"Why wait for orthodontic problems to develop... HELP your child NOW!"

The TRAINER System™ helps train the tongue, jaws and muscles to function correctly.
Jimme is smart and knows that with training he can make anything better.
Cassie knows that daily training is necessary to be a great piano player.
Dr. Ortho says,
"Prevention is better than cure."
Parents love the TRAINER System™. The rewards go beyond the children.
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