3. How do I recognise the problem?

Your Dentist or Orthodontist may be the first to recognise that your child has a problem developing.

However, it is beneficial to observe your child's dental development from age 3. This way you can do something before it is too late.

A few simple guidelines

1. Incorrect overbite.

2. Facial profile.

3. Open mouth posture.
The posture of the jaw affects its growth.

Mouth breathers tend to develop long, unattractive faces, an under developed jaw and dental crowding.

It is important to correct those bad habits at the earliest age.
If left untreated Soft Tissue Dysfunction can cause poor facial growth, unstable orthodontics and TMJ Disorder.

If your child demonstrates any of the following symptoms,

ask your Dentist or Orthodontist about the TRAINER System™:

• Mouth breathing. • Large overbite.
• Thumb sucking. • Teeth crowding.
• Tongue thrusting. • Crooked teeth.
• Overactive lips. • Protruding teeth.
• Reverse swallow.

Sometimes the condition of the jaws needs more correction than the TRAINER System™ can provide – particularly if the child is 9 or 10 years of age. In these situations the Farrell BENT WIRE System™ - BWS™ or other appliances can be used in conjunction with the TRAINER System™. This provides a booster to jaw development. Ask your Dentist for more details.
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