7. Tips for best results

• Keep your mouth closed and the lips together when the TRAINER is in place.

• Even when the TRAINER is out of your mouth you should still have your lips together, and breathing should be through the nose.

• Keep the tongue tip on the spot where the tongue tag is at all times even when the TRAINER is not in use.

• Use the TRAINER EVERY DAY for a minimum of 1 hour plus at night while sleeping.

• Fill out the treasure map or the calendar, it will help you to keep a personal record plus you can see the changes on the photos.


Your Dentist/Orthodontist will take records/photos. However it is advantageous to do the following for your personal records.

• Take profile photos face on and smiling with teeth together.

• Take photos at the start of your treatment and then every 2 months.

• Compare photos, you should see the changes yourself.

Day time use

Every day for a minimum of 1 to 4 hours

• Choose an activity such as reading, T.V., homework, piano practice, skateboarding, soccer, computer, videogame, or even while working.

• When finished, rinse the TRAINER thoroughly under running water, then place it back into the container supplied.

Night Use

Every night while sleeping

• The TRAINER may fall out at night. This is normal so just persevere.

• If night-time use is not posible, increase daytime use.

What you expect to see and when

Don't expect to see dental changes within weeks, but you should see an improvement in function within a short period. This is usually reflected in the face and lip posture.

You want to see:

• Mouth closed most of the time.

• Improved swallowing - muscles around the mouth should not move when swallowing.

• Improved posture.
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