Treatment with the TMJ System™

4. Treatment with the TMJ APPLIANCE™.
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Immediate, low cost, symptom relief

The TMJ System™ of prefabricated intra-oral appliances is designed specifically for the immediate and effective treatment of TMJ Disorder.

The computer aided designs allow one single size to fit most adults without the need for time consuming, custom fitting and adjusting by your dentist manufacture.

How the TMJ System™ works

All the appliances from the TMJ System™ (TMJ APPLIANCE™, TMJ-MBV™ and TMD APPLIANCE™) have a thicker section at the back which relieves pressure by gently decompressing the inflamed joints when placed in the mouth.

The lower jaw is also moved into its correct position by the TMJ and TMD APPLIANCE™. This has the effect of stretching the tight and painful muscles around the jaws, head and neck area, resulting in an immediate decrease in symptoms.

Over a period of time, further decrease in all symptoms should be experience.

Also habits such as bruxing and grinding of teeth are prevented by the patented aerofoil shaped base and double mouthguard design.

Other causes of TMJ disorder, such as reverse swallow and mouth breathing are treated by the TMJ APPLIANCE™ (Myofunctional Effect™).

Treatment of TMJ Disorder

Whatever the cause or severity of the TMJ Disorder, the most effective approach is to initially use a soft dental splint. The aim is to relieve pressure on the TMJs, decrease muscle tension and limit effects of clenching and grinding the teeth. Treatment with The TMJ System™ provides immediate diagnosis and treatment for TMJ Disorder.

The TMJ APPLIANCE™ which has been available as an immediate diagnosis and treatment system for more than 10 years has been a breakthrough in immediate diagnosis of TMJ disorder. Good symptom relief from this appliance, ideal for night time use.

The TMJ APPLIANCE Mouth Breathers & Snorers version™
The TMJ-MBV™ is a special version of the TMJ APPLIANCE™, which incorporates a thicker base at the molar area. This opens the bite by approximately 4.5mm. In addition it has a large breathing hole at the front. This allows for mouth breathing to be possible while the TMJ - MBV™ is in place.

The TM day time appliance has allowed us to use a splint that is quite easy to speak in, is customizable, and has a hard inner core so that the patient is missing teeth, or has in particular a displaced disc can apply this appliance for a very rapid result, particularly if there is limited opening. The TMD™ can be wear all the time, but we suggest they its worn daytime and then the TMJ APPLIANCE™ is used for the nighttime.

With the introduction of the TMD APPLIANCE™ featuring semi-flexible, customizable day time splint, we have an ideal dually effective, easy to use appliance system. Designed to work in conjunction with the night time TMJ APPLIANCE™.

Additional treatment

If pain is not resolved additional investigation on other possible causes of the symptoms can be made.

Hard dental splints worn 24 hours a day, custom made by a Dentist to correctly align the bite. It is important that they are constructed to the exact bite and adjusted regularly as structural changes take place. The TMD APPLIANCE™ may replace the need for these splints.

Massage and toning the muscles, plus exercises to improve posture and align the spine is advisable.

Relaxation exercises can reduce the tension, clenching and grinding that overload the TMJs.

Permanent changes to the bite with orthodontics or crown and bridgework may be required for long term pain relief without appliances or splints.

TMJ Disorder should be treated with regular consultation from your Doctor or health care therapist.

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