8. Health and the TRAINER System™

Ear problems and headaches

Chronic ear and head pain can be caused by poorly functioning Jaws *(TMJ dysfunction).

Incorrect swallowing and mouth breathing can often be the primary cause. The TRAINER System™ can be helpful to treat these problems.

Benefits of nose breathing

Mouth breathing has been shown to decrease oxygen uptake and make infections more common. Health benefits from changing to nose breathing are well known and the TRAINER System™ is specifically designed to treat mouth breathing problems.

Posture and the TRAINER System™

Many Physiotherapists and Chiropractors will notice that your child’s posture is incorrect. Improving nose breathing and jaw function often helps to improve posture. This is an added bonus of the TRAINER System™. Supervision by an appropriate professional may be needed.

Speech problems and the TRAINER System™

Speech is directly affected by tongue position and the function of the facial muscles. The TRAINER System™ often improves speech in conjunction with speech therapies.


Although often controversial, nutrition is important for the growing child. Dr Weston Price, a Dentist and Researcher in the 1930s wrote about the physical degeneration in children exposed to our poor “modern diets”. He showed orthodontic and tooth decay is directly caused by poor nutrition. His recommendations are now being adopted 70 years later.
** It is recommended your child has a diet low in sugars, preservatives and processed foods. Boost up the diet with green leafy vegetables, fish and meat lightly cooked. High fruit diets are also very helpful. Supplements include Vitamins A, D (Cod Liver Oil), C and Magnesium and Calcium. Specific professional advice is recommended.


Allergies cause chronic mouth breathing and consequently poor jaw growth and crowded teeth. Major allergens are dairy products. It is recommended to keep intake of dairy products in children to a minimum.

*American Journal of Orthodontics 35-72% Prevalence TMJ in children
**Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston Price – Price Pottenger Foundation 1934
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