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1. Design Objectives

Design Objectives of the MYOBRACE®

Removable appliances designed to correct orthodontic problems have been in use for as long as braces. These have been predominantly found in Europe, and vary between those made in the laboratory with acrylic and wire, to prefabricated positioners of fl exible material with slots for each tooth. These all suffered from disadvantages due to limitations of the materials used and generally had just a single function to widen the jaws or to align the teeth. Cooperation of the patient is also needed, and lack of compliance too often made them ineffective.

Multiple appliances combined with braces were often still needed. Direct bonded braces developed in the last 30 years seemed an easier option to most Orthodontists and Dentists. The MYOBRACE® is a new concept based on these traditional removable appliances. It uses computer aided design and new patented dual moulding technology developed in Australia, which not only overcomes the problems of these older appliances from Europe, but also has incorporated the proven habit correction of the TRAINER System™. This makes it more effective.
Perspective view Cut-Away Showing DynamiCore!"

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2. Technical Information
3. Braces vs The MYOBRACE® System
4. Case Studies
5. Patient Selection
6. How it Works