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Education for a healthier future

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IDS 2011, 34th International Dental Show
22-26 March in Cologne, Germany

Visit Myofunctional Research Co.
in Hall 11.3, Booth E-030

Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) has been developing innovative intra-oral appliances to treat the causes of malocclusion and TMJ disorder since 1989.

MRC developed these concepts of treating malocclusion into a range of appliance systems suitable for all ages of growing children. Although a significant number of Doctors around the world currently use these systems, many do not realise that MRC has developed more than just orthodontic appliances.

IDS 2009 marked MRC’s launch of MRC Clinics®; a concept which provided the industry with a totally new way of treating myofunctional habits in growing children for better dental alignment and facial development. This concept also offered a profitable and more cost-effective solution to the worldwide problems Orthodontists and Dentists faced. Nearly every child has some form of malocclusion and traditional treatment methods of fixed braces have shown large limitations and arguably, failure in the long term.

Our fundamental philosophy at MRC differs from other international companies as we do not only develop orthodontic appliances, we also take a strong focus on advancing knowledge through developing educational materials on the importance of correcting myofunctional habits in children as early as possible. MRC’s main goal is not just straightening teeth without braces, it is to make a lifelong positive impact on the development and health of children.
Professionals training with Dr Farrell at MRC's new Californian training facility.
MRC has been able to achieve better health and development for patients through creating effective education to directly educate Doctors, parents and patients. This dedication to delivering quality educational materials is a crucial part of our role as an active educational company.

The key to MRC’s approach is to educate at every level: from the Doctor right through to the growing child. Providing proper education can empower Doctors to break out of the old, out-dated concepts of orthodontics; leading many to better and more profitable methods of delivering proper pediatric care for more children.

IDS 2011 will allow MRC to demonstrate practical and cost-effective means of delivering advanced myofunctional correction for every child, along with showcasing MRC’s latest world-leading appliances.

Providing comprehensive education materials in combination with a range of effective orthodontic appliances produces a healthier and brighter future for all.

Education for a healthier future - visit MRC at IDS 2011.

Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Sydney)
Founder and CEO Myofunctional Research Co.

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