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New Products


The Interceptive Class III Appliance

When you talk about Class III malocclusion you have to be thinking interception. The i-3™ has an immediate place in Class III correction. Previous early interceptive treatments have often been too complex. Now MRC has a new appliance based on proven myofunctional principles. Similar in function to the T4K™, the i-3™ has the primary role of correcting arch underdevelopment and jaw discrepancy during the early mixed dentition stage.

The T4K™ 2007

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

The best early treatment just got better
- MRC has drawn from new research and experience with the MYOBRACE® appliance to provide a comprehensive update to the T4K™. Since being introduced in 1992, the Pre-Orthodontic Trainer™ (T4K™) has become the most popular and successful product available from Myofunctional Research Co.


Soft Tissue Protection & Tongue Retraining

Make your fixed appliances more effective & your results more stable. Used with upper fixed brackets, the new TRAINER is called The LINGUA™. It carries a tongue tag in a single arch appliance, goes over the upper brackets and can be worn all day and night. Yes, one single myofunctional training activity focused on retraining the tongue.


For Treatment of Snoring

The newly designed TMJ-MBV Appliance™ - Mouth Breather Version - features 4 large breathing holes, and a thicker (6mm) base with air springs for increased bite opening and gentle TM Joint decompression. The sides are higher than the regular TMJ-Appliance™ for improved retention while sleeping.


Protects your teeth and Jaws from night time bruxing

The habit of bruxing is caused primarily by stress and nervous tension. Over time, it may cause serious damage to your teeth. However, you can effectively stop the damage from bruxing by using the BRUXOGARD™ as a protective barrier between the teeth, reducing tension in the muscles and preventing tooth damage.


For habit correction.

The INFANT TRAINER™ fills the need for early treatment of oral habits and development of natural muscular/skeletal structure. It helps to stop incorrect habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing. It also allows the child to chew up and down stimulating muscles and jaws while having a cleaning action on the teeth.


Myofunctional orthodontic system.

Individual tooth alignment slots, MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™, active arch development and maintenance.
The MYOBRACE® can eliminate the need for braces. Prefinisher and retainer after fixed braces.