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How to get started with the MRC Systems

Getting started with treatment couldn't be easier.

You can be on your way to increasing the number of patients you can treat successfully and profiting from the experience with early treatment, habit correction, cosmetic alignment and TMJ treatment.
Ready to take the first step?

1. Watch the videos.
2. Identify the potential uses in your practice.
3. Read the manuals.
4. Appropriate case selection.
5. Gain more satisfied patients.

Introduction to the TRAINER System™ (English subtitles)
Requires a broadband connection to the internet and Macromedia Flash Player 9.

Introduction to the MYOBRACE® System™
Requires a broadband connection to the internet and Macromedia Flash Player 9.

Introduction to the TMJ System™ (English subtitles)
Requires a broadband connection to the internet and Macromedia Flash Player 9.

5 Steps to getting started with the MRC Systems:

STEP 1: Spend 5 minutes watching each of the the instructional videos
from the MRC Complete Systems CD-ROM. (TRAINER System™, MYOBRACE System™ and TMJ System™). If you have broadband internet, you can also view these from our website. It is important to find a time when you can give 100% attention to the subject, as there is vital information condensed into each of these videos. It takes only 5 minutes for each subject.
STEP 2: Identify the potential uses in your practice.
After watching the video you will recognise the applications of the MRC Systems. They are easy to implement and now it is up to you to choose patients in your practice who already have a need for this treatment. Most growing children have developing malocclusion and poor facial growth. Choose 2-3 for the TRAINER System™. The appliance selection can be done based on:

• The malocclusion (mild is recommended to start with) or
• The patients age (the earlier the better with the T4K™ during mixed dentition).
See our Age Selection Chart for guidance.
STEP 3: Read the T4K™ manual
of procedures to obtain an overview of the different applications of the TRAINERS - use the right column as a subject guide. Download the manual, check the T4K™ Clinical Applications from the website or watch the MRC Complete Systems CD-ROM for more detailed information on the entire system.
STEP 4: Select the best case to start with the TRAINER System™.
It is best to initially start with mild cases and motivated patients and parents. Start with the T4K™ if a child is in the mixed dentition stage with signs of a developing malocclusion. Case criteria: Mild crowding, open bite, poor mouth posture, tongue thrust swallow narrow maxilla, Class II 6-8mm Division 1.
STEP 5: Gain more patients
by showing each patient information from the CD-ROM, DVD or brochure in your waiting room. This will introduce the concept to many interested parents. Remember to tell the parents that the treatment goal is NOT to eliminate the malocclusion (although this is possible in many cases), but to decrease its severity, improve facial growth, decrease the need for extractions, and to improve the stability of any future orthodontic treatment. If used as directed you will obtain routine success. Many orthodontic problems can be eliminated with an early start with the T4K™.

More information on starting treatment with the TRAINER System™

• The TRAINER System™ can be used on younger patients before the anterior teeth have erupted.
• Trim 8-10mm from distal ends to accommodate lack of first molars.
• A disadvantage is that the tooth guidance system is ineffective until permanent anteriors commence eruption.
Download the Age Selection Chart for the optimal age to start with the TRAINER System™.


• Lower anterior crowding.
• Class II both Div I & II.
• Anterior open bite.
• Deep bite.
• Class I crowding.
• Mild Class III.
• Tongue thrusters.
• Thumb suckers.
• Incorrect swallow.
• Oral bad habits.


• Posterior crossbite. Correct crossbite with lateral, expansion first, then use TRAINER to correct the causes.
• Severe or skeletal Class III.
• Complete nasal obstruction.
• Reluctant Child/Parent.
• Extreme malocclusions.


• Don't forget falling out at night, particularly in the first month which is normal. The tongue is pushing the TRAINER out.
• Persevere with your 1 hour practice (Touching the tongue tag and lips together) and also putting it in your mouth as you go to sleep, and you will succeed.
• Recommended usage: Minimum 1 hour during the day and during night-time while sleeping.
•You can suggest a start of 1 hour daily for the first 1-2 weeks, then add usage during night-time after this time.
• Remind the patient not to chew on the TRAINER. Read instructions in the container box to the patient.
• Review the MRC Systems CD-ROM and the web site to ensure you are fully informed.
• Register online to receive the free MRC e-newsletter with the latest developments, research and events from Myofunctional Research Co.


View our Frequently Asked Questions.

MRC Complete Systems CD-ROM

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