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Testimonials from doctors and patients on the MRC Appliance Systems worldwide.
Carolina Scholtz, D.D.S, M.S.

I have incorporated these appliances into my practice. From protection from brusixm to correction of skeletal and dental posture, I have witnessed an improvement in the relation between maxilla and mandible, and consequently an improvement in the occlusion, function, and esthetics of patients of malocclusions in the primary and mixed dentition. Once the patient reflects an improvement in the occlusion, the eruption of the remaining permanent dentition is facilitated. The occlusion of the patient is well on its' way to adapting to the posture encouraged by the appliance and even when used in conjunction with orthodontics, it can have significant positive effects.
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Dr. Arturo Alvarado
C.D.E.O. | Prof. Spec Ortho (UNAM) | Maxillary Orthopaedics (UNAM). | Coordinator of the First Diploma of Craniofacial Orthopaedics (FO-UNAM). | President of the Mexican Association of Craniofacial Orthopaedics and Orthodontics (A.C AMOCOAC). | Lecturer of AH KIMPECH in Mexico. | Lecturer of MRC in Latin America. | Lecturer of PERCODENT LTDA in the Republic of Colombia.

We have used and verified the benefits of these Systems from the year 2002 when we initiated our investigations and reports of the evidences in the diagnosis and treatment with MRC innovative dental appliances. This is one of the reasons why we want to share our clinical experiences.
The clinical cases that we have, are wide and the results mostly satisfactory having used the TRAINERs; INFANT TRAINER™, T4K™, T4B™, T4CII™, T4F™, T4U™, T4A™...
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Joe Kerwin, D.D.S.

I love the Myobrace system and am finding it works well even outside the age ranges in your pamphlet. I have been wearing one myself for 3 months and am seeing improvements. I have a few comments and questions. As much as I liked the original myobrace, I find the MBN is superior. I am one of the minority of dentists that assess appliances using cranial assessments. These appliances seem to be some of the most beneficial I have tested. I get good reports of noticeable changes within 1 month on the majority of my cases. Especially when I have good to great compliance....
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Dr. Robert Foster
Gold Coast, Australia
"I have been using the TRAINER System™ for 12 years. Not only is it the best for early treatment, but the only product that combines both orthodontics and the correction of soft tissue dysfunction."
Dr. Helio Gomes da Silva
hgs dentaria, Brazil
"I have been using the TRAINER since 1998, when I met Damien O'Brien in Brazil. I frequently talk to my colleagues about the TRAINER and see they are enjoying the system more and more."
Dr. Masashi FUKUOKA
Arte Dental Clinic, Japan
"The TRAINER is enjoying great popularity in my clinic. Thanks to the TRAINER, I've gained more than 570 (pre-)orthodontic patients since I first started using the appliance in July 2001. It is my great joy and honour to see my patients (children) grow bright and charming without using braces or other orthodonic appliances. If used properly, the TRAINER almost never fails to prove successful."
Dr. Rita Goulart
Smile By Design, Australia
"I'm really pleased with the Myofunctional Appliances and all the services that you are delivering to us. Very quick and efficient."
Dr. Chris Jackson
"Under the holistic dentistry umbrella, I have witnessed today’s high tech MYOBRACE® evolve from the early chewing brushes.
With good case selection and timing MYOBRACE® corrections have been remarkable.
The MYOBRACE® is a very useful tool in helping nature achieve good function and straight teeth."

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