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Press Releases
Academic Research Articles
Dr German O. Ramirez-Yañez
Research References
Ramirez-Yanez_2007_JCPD_31_279-83.pdf 202.82 KB
Dimensional Changes in Dental Arches After Treatment with a Prefabricated Functional Appliance
Ramirez-Yanez_2006_Dental_Asia_July_August_15-16.pdf 58.40 KB
Insights Into Orthodontic Treatment. Ramirez-Yanez, 2006
Ramirez-Yanez_2006_Dental_Asia_36-40.pdf 223.14 KB
Dental Arches Expansion with Ortho-System. Ramirez-Yanez, 2006
Ramirez-Yanez_2005_RevIntOrtopFunc_1_483-94.pdf 755.96 KB
Soft Tissue Dysfunction: A Missing Clue when Treating Malocclusions. Ramirez-Yanez, 2005
angleortho_2004_web.pdf 49.74 KB
The Effects of Early Preorthodontic Trainer Treatment on Class II, Division 1 Patients
mondoortodontico_2002_web.pdf 872.29 KB
Early myofunctional approach to skeletal Class II
T4K_Man_ENG_S1.pdf 148.19 KB
T4K™ - Procedures Manual
T4B_Man_ENG_S1.pdf 73.40 KB
T4B™ - Procedures Manual
T4A_Man_ENG_S1.pdf 306.17 KB
T4A™ - Procedures Manual
T4F_T4U_Manual_Eng.pdf 119.07 KB
T4F™/T4U™ - Procedures Manual
myobrace_manual_792.pdf 629.00 KB
739b_bws_manual.pdf 2.42 MB
BWS™ - Procedures Manual (NEW)
tmj_manual_792.pdf 348.08 KB
TMJ System™ - Procedures Manual
product_ageselection_chart.pdf 452.13 KB
MRC Products and Age Selection Chart
The Negative Effect of Mouth Breathing on the Body and development of the child.
Orthodontics - Trapped in a time warp
Orthodontics – science or fashion
habit_correction_web.pdf 697.90 KB
Habit Correction in the Growing Child
soft_tissue_web.pdf 89.38 KB
Soft Tissue Dysfunction
std2_web.pdf 170.12 KB
Soft Tissue Dysfunction Article 2
t4a_editorial_web.pdf 16.13 KB
Cosmetic alignment of anterior teeth with The T4A
t4a_dentalmag_web.pdf 381.23 KB
Simplifying Orthodontic Treatment with The TRAINER Appliance System
681_T4K_Notice_NM-FA.pdf 123.59 KB
The Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER
Ortho_Tribune_America_08-11_Farrell.pdf 269.15 KB
Orthodontics – science or fashion?
Ramirez-Yanez_2006_Dental_Asia_July_August_15-16.pdf 58.40 KB
Insights into Orthodontic Treatment
more_milk_1.pdf 130.05 KB
More Milk Stronger Teeth? Part I - Article reprinted with permission from Dental Asia Magazine
more_milk_2.pdf 502.60 KB
More Milk Stronger Teeth? Part II -Article reprinted with permission from Dental Asia Magazine
All_Systems_Ad_Eng_670A.pdf 79.42 KB
MRC Complete Systems Advertisement
MB_Ad_Eng_684.pdf 504.21 KB
Myobrace Advertisement
MB_Poster_Eng_690.pdf 145.40 KB
Myobrace System Poster
MB_Binder_Rus_761.pdf 96.65 KB
Myobrace Binder
TMJ_Advert_Eng_650A.pdf 83.51 KB
TMJ Advertisement
TMJ_Binder_Rus_761.pdf 139.81 KB
TMJ Binder
TMJ_Poster_Eng_690.pdf 195.07 KB
TMJ Poster
Trainer_System_Ad_651.pdf 471.63 KB
TRAINER System Advertisement
TS_Binder_Rus_761.pdf 114.59 KB
TRAINER System Binder
TS_Poster_Eng_690.pdf 208.57 KB
TRAINER System Poster
T4K_8Page_Eng.pdf 1.22 MB
T4K Pre-Orthodontic - Professional Information Brochure
T4K_INT_Parents_Eng_665B.pdf 604.78 KB
CROOKED TEETH - Parent Information Brochure
T4B_2Page_Eng.pdf 332.69 KB
T4B 2 Page Brochure
T4CII_Brochure_Eng_595A.pdf 130.08 KB
T4CII Brochure
T4A_2Page_Eng_732.pdf 418.80 KB
T4A 2 Page Brochure
Infant_Trainer_Brochure_Eng_726.pdf 503.17 KB
T4F_2Page_Eng.pdf 204.03 KB
T4F 2 Page Brochure
T4U_2Page_Eng.pdf 212.93 KB
T4U 2 Page Brochure
MB_4PP_Eng_638F.pdf 449.96 KB
MYOBRACE 4 Page Brochure
MB_Patient_Brochure_746.pdf 542.24 KB
MYOBRACE - I want a choice - Parent Information Brochure
MBN_A4_Eng_744C.pdf 171.23 KB
MYOBRACE - No Inner Core Brochure
TMJ_Brochure_Eng_600X.pdf 95.96 KB
TMJ System - Professional Information Brochure
TMJ_Patient_4Page_Eng.pdf 831.40 KB
TMJ Self Diagnosis - Patient Information Brochure
TMJ_Brochure_PatientDL_ENG_701.pdf 224.03 KB
TMJ Disorder - Patient Information Brochure
TMJ-MBV_Eng_754.pdf 371.21 KB
TMJ - Mouth Breather Version - Brochure
PWG_Brochure_Eng.pdf 178.28 KB
Agechart_Eng_645B.pdf 51.49 KB
MRC Systems Age Chart
3pp_Binder_Eng_761A.pdf 195.39 KB
All Systems 3 Page Binder
All_Systems_12pp_Binder_663.pdf 696.84 KB
All Systems 12 Page Binder
Lingua_A4_eng_740.pdf 134.82 KB
LINGUA Brochure
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Introduction to the TRAINER System™ (English subtitles)

Introduction to the MYOBRACE System™

Introduction to the TMJ System™ (English subtitles)

Using the TMD APPLIANCE™ (English subtitles)

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