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The Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER worn for a minimum of one year

To establish nasal breathing in the younger child in the early mixed dentition I encourage the child to wear a Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER. This is a prefabricated removable appliance that is worn all night while the child is asleep and one hour during the day while the child is awake.
With the TRAINER in the mouth during the day the child will have the lips together and will breath through the nose. In this first example the child breaks the mouth-breathing pattern over a period of one year and normal growth of the face and jaws then follows. About thirty percent of the children, that I treat in the mixed dentition with a TRAINER alone, require a second year of treatment.

If nasal breathing is established in the growing child then normal growth can be established. This child wore only a Pre-Orthodontic TRAINR for one year and established nasal breathing. Note the change in arch form as a result. The rounded or Roman arch replaces the narrow tapering Gothic arch form. The molar on the patient's left rotated well the right molar less well.
Note the improvement in the child’s facial appearance once lip seal and nasal breathing is established. Thus we found that a change from mouth-open to mouth-closed breathing was associated with greater mandibular growth expressed at the chin in both sexes, greater facial growth expressed at the midface in males.
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Establishing Nasal Breathing