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TRAINER System™ Downloads


Academic Research Articles
The Negative Effect of Mouth Breathing on the Body and development of the child.


T4K_Man_ENG_S1.pdf 148.19 KB
T4K™ - Procedures Manual
T4B_Man_ENG_S1.pdf 73.40 KB
T4B™ - Procedures Manual
T4A_Man_ENG_S1.pdf 306.17 KB
T4A™ - Procedures Manual

Press Releases

habit_correction_web.pdf 697.90 KB
Habit Correction in the Growing Child - by Dr Chris Farrell BD
soft_tissue_web.pdf 89.38 KB
Soft Tissue Dysfunction
std2_web.pdf 170.12 KB
Soft Tissue Dysfunction
t4a_editorial_web.pdf 16.13 KB
Cosmetic alignment of anterior teeth with The T4A™
t4a_dentalmag_web.pdf 381.23 KB
Simplifying Orthodontic Treatment with The TRAINER™ Appliance System - by Dr John Flutter BDS
681_T4K_Notice_NM-FA.pdf 123.59 KB
Trainer for Kids