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The Breathing Well Program

The Breathing Well Program designed to restore Nasal Breathing as the norm.

This is a twelve week programme that involves both the child and parent. It takes about 20 minutes a day for twelve weeks. If more than one week is missed the child has to start again. The programme is a series of breathing training exercises done in a structured, regular pattern. The object of the programme is to reset the medullary trigger to respond to increased levels of carbon dioxide (carboxy-haemoglobin) and establish a lip seal. It requires commitment on the part of parent and child but is very effective in reducing hyperventilation
and establishing nasal breathing.

The programme is normally done in conjunction with the TRAINER System™ to improve myofunctional patterns at the same time.

For some children in addition to appliance therapy in order to establish a lip seal we need to reduce the hyperventilation. In much the same way as when we go running it may not possible to take that much air in and out of the nose. In these cases we need to reduce the hyperventilation. To understand the mechanism here we need to understand a little of the biochemistry and the physiology of breathing.
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