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The BRUXOGARD™ Appliance

Protects your teeth and jaws from night time bruxing

The BRUXOGARD™ is fitted over the teeth and worn at night whilst sleeping. Features a unique flat base designed to protect your teeth and jaws from the effects of night tooth grinding (bruxing). Available in Soft and Hard.

What is Bruxism? Bruxism is the bad habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, especially during sleep.

How is Bruxing Caused? The habit of bruxing is caused primarily by stress and nervous tension. Over time, it may cause serious damage to your teeth, including:

- Visible wear and damage to your teeth
- Jaw joint and muscle tenderness
- Tooth sensitivity and pain

Prevention and Cure - Unfortunately, bruxism is difficult to cure. However, you can effectively stop the damage from bruxing by using the BRUXOGARD™ as a protective barrier between the teeth, reducing tension in the muscles and preventing tooth damage.

BRUXOGARD™ SOFT - Moulding Instructions:

1: Pour freshly boiled water (100°C / 212°F) into a bowl or cup. Immediately place the BRUXOGARD™ into the water with the tongue tag down for 30 seconds.

2: Remove the BRUXOGARD™ from the water with a spoon and shake off any excess water. Place it in the mouth, centring the V-cut with the centre line of the front teeth.

3: Push up hard on the base with your thumbs. Then push firmly through the lips and cheeks with your fingers to mould the front and back teeth.

4: Do not bite on the BRUXOGARD™, but a light close just to hold in position. You want the base to be flat underneath without indents of the lower teeth.

5: Place the tongue on the tongue tag and suck in strongly. Continue to hold this for 20 seconds.

6: Remove the BRUXOGARD™ from the mouth. Place in cold water for 20 seconds. Replace the BRUXOGARD™ into the mouth to check it fits. If fit is not suitable repeat the fitting procedure.

BRUXOGARD™ HARD - Moulding Instructions:

1:Place the BRUXOGARD™ (tongue tag down) into a bowl of freshly boiled water (100°C / 212°F) for 90 seconds

2: Lift the BRUXOGARD™ gently from the water using a spoon and shake off any excess water.

3: Cool under tap water for ONE SECOND ONLY, bringing the surface temperature of the BRUXOGARD™ to a comfortable level. Quickly move onto the next step (4).

4: Watching in a mirror, line up the centre of the BRUXOGARD™ (tongue tag up) with the centre line of the upper teeth, annd proceed rapidly with steps 5 through to 7.

5: Fit BRUXOGARD™ into upper teeth and press firmly into the front teeth and molars.

6: Place tip of tongue on tongue tag and close mouth while biting down hard on the BRUXOGARD™.

7: Suck in strongly and press edges of BRUXOGARD™ into teeth and gum line through the lips and cheeks (continue for 20 seconds). Remove from mouth and place in a bowl of cold water for 1 minute. Replace into the mouth and test for a good fit. Repeat steps 1 to 7 if the fit is not accurate (reheat water to 100°C).

Cleaning Instructions: To clean, rinse under warm water. Use tooth paste to clean if desired. Heavy bruxers may wear the BRUXOGARD™ out quickly. Replace if splitting and deterioration occurs.