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Customisable daytime TMJ splint


See the TMD APPLIANCE™ in virtual reality. (Approx. 1MB)
Requires Apple QuickTime.

The TMD APPLIANCE™ is a harder semi-flexible, customizable, day-time splint using dual layer technology developed by MRC. Once heated in boiled water for 2 minutes, it is fitted to the patient’s lower arch and the bite can be customized to the patient’s requirements. It is low profile with a tight and comfortable fit to allow use during daily activities, allowing clear and easy speech. It is ideal for daytime use. Best in combination with the night time TMJ APPLIANCE™. Excellent for reduction of clicking and acute TM Joint pain. Can be used with missing molars.
Intra-capsular symptom relief and treatment.

Additional Features
Immediate, custom fitted by Doctor to correct jaw position, patient can speak in it. ie daytime use. Best retention.

Clinical Applications

Temporomadibular Joint Disorder, treatment where hard splint is required. Best for treating clicking and disc displacement.

The Advantages of the TMD APPLIANCE™

The introduction of the TMD APPLIANCE™ for TMD meaning TM day time appliance has allowed us to use a splint that is quite easy to speak in, is customizable to the patient, immediately a chair side, and has a hard inner core so that when the patient is missing teeth, or has in particular a displaced disc you can apply this appliance for very rapid results, particularly if they have limited opening. They can wear it all the time, but we suggest it is worn daytime and then the TMJ APPLIANCE™ is used for the night time. This is the ideal combination for treatment of both intra and extra capsular problems.

1. Hard Customized to the individual patient.
2. Tight fit to the lower arch.
3. Clear and easy speech, which allows for constant daytime use.
4. Can be applied when molars are missing.
5. Semi rigid construction material. Dual inner and outer layers.
6. 5 minutes to fit and adjust.
7. Aerofoil shaped base for joint decompression.

Patient Consultation

The patient arrives at the first consultation with various symptoms. If these indicate more intracapuslar components to the TMJ Disorder the TMD appliance is indicated. The TMJ patient information video can be used to inform the patient of the choices. See library and TMJ video section for more information.

6. Using the TMD APPLIANCE™.
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This is done by placing the TMD APPLIANCE™ in boiled water for one and half minutes (1min 30 seconds) and then immediately placing it in the patients mouth and applying it to the lower teeth. Then the patient is asked to close up into the correct mandibular position and bite up hard as possible. This biting is held for 20 seconds. Then the appliance is removed, cooled under cool tap water, left for about 1 minute to allow the EVA to cool right down and replaced back into the mouth to check the fit.
Keep in mind that within 24hours this appliance will shrink a little further so
that the fit will be slightly tighter, but normally at this stage the fit is quite good.

Flat plane splint
If you wish to have a flat plane or pivotal splint, you may find it preferable to leave the occlusal surface flat. The fitting instructions are the same but before placing the TMD APPLIANCE™ into the mouth the upper occlusal surface only is exposed to cold water (preferably in another bowl) so the lower surfaces of the Appliance only are moulded. The patient lightly closes to seat the Appliance and obtain minimal occlusion. This will give you a very light occlusion with indentation, so you have the possibility of customizing to a re-positioning splint a CR splint or a flat plane splint.

The patient should then be checked to see if the joint clicking and pain is removed by the TMD APPLIANCE™ and then ensure correct comfort. Normally no adjustments are needed. The patient is then instructed to use the TMD APPLIANCE™ during the day and the TMJ APPLIANCE™ at night. Instructions cards with the Appliances contain the necessary patient information on use.

Recommended use - DAYTIME