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Immediate TMJ symptom relief

The TMJ APPLIANCE™, prefabricated, soft, flexible (medical silicone) and fitted by the patient. Using muscle and joint palpation procedure (see video on website) it offers immediate diagnosis and effective treatment for TMJ disorder. The myofunctional aspect of TMJ Disorder is addressed with the TMJ APPLIANCE™ tongue tag and guard features. Use is generally one hour daily plus night time while sleeping. Excellent for muscle pain relief. Extra-capsular symptom relief.

See the TMJ APPLIANCE™ in virtual reality. (Approx. 1MB)
Requires Apple QuickTime.

The Advantages of the TMJ APPLIANCE™

• Soft, flexible and easy to wear.

• It has the double mouthguard effect or vertical sides which limits bruxing, and para functional habits. The MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™, Tongue Tag and Tongue Guard stops the tongue thrusting and other tongue habits which is thought to be a major contributing factor in TMJ Disorder.

• It has an aerofoil shaped base for joint decompression and is fitted immediately by the patient.

Clinical Applications

Temporomadibular Joint Disorder, diagnosis and initial treatment, particularly good for muscular pain. (MPD), limits bruxing and grinding, relieves pressure on TMJs, reduces chronic head, neck and shoulder symptoms.

Joint decompression and limitation of function - Physical Therapists in particular advocate that initial treatment for any inflamed joint should be to decrease joint inflammation and muscle pain by joint decompression and limitation of function. The TMJ APPLIANCE™ uses these principles to gain effective symptom relief. Its aerofoil shaped base decompresses the joint and its double mouthguard effect eliminates the effects of bruxing. The muscles resting length is changed when the TMJ APPLIANCE™ is in place. This results in an immediate decrease in tension of the craniomandibular muscles in most cases.

A pivotal splint - The TMJ APPLIANCE™ has an aerofoil shaped base which is 3.5 mm thick in cross section over the first molar area, tapering forward and back to 2mm. This offers an effective pivotal splint to the majority of patients with complete posterior dentition. Added to this, the silicone material used, is quite different to the characteristics of common vacuum formed splints, which are unsuitable for treating TMJ Disorders (but OK for your average football player). This silicone material is considerably softer and more durable, which in combination with the design, achieves correction of mandibular position and lateral (para)function.

The vertical component of the the TMJ APPLIANCE™ is an important feature of its effectiveness - The double mouthguard effect limits lateral movement and the tongue guard stops parafunctional habits (like tongue thrusting) when in place.

Bruxing and grinding of teeth is limited by the aerofoil shaped base and double mouthguard effect.

A true immediate application - No impressions, no boiling water or moulding are required and adjustments are limited to distal end trimming only (for very narrow arches or the absence of the second molars). The patient can be in and out in a few minutes with a definitive initial treatment.

For the busy practitioner - You can offer immediate treatment at the first consultation visit in effectively zero chair time. When you don't have time to make your own splint, and want something that really works, the TMJ APPLIANCE™ is the ideal solution, maintaining optimal compliance away from the dental office.
Follow up with fitting of TMD APPLIANCE™.

Additional Benefits

• Universal size for all adults - fits 95% of patients without adjustment.
• No impressions, no moulding - effectively zero chair time.
• Symptoms are reduced or eliminated without time consuming procedures.
• Diagnostic procedure at low time and cost.
• Soft silicone construction material is "easy" on painful joints and muscles, unlike hard acrylic splints.
• Ideal for initial symptom reduction.
• Patient instructions are contained in the pack.
• Sterilised by boiling or autoclaving.
• A low cost initial treatment.


• Initial soft splint for immediate treatment of TMJ Disorder.
• Emergency splint for the patient with acute pain.
• Differential diagnosis of dentofacial pain.
• Limited opening cases.
• Treatment for parafunctional habits and bruxing.
• Deprogramming splint used prior to bite registration.
• Cost effective splint for TMJ Disorder symptom reduction.

Recommended minimum use


This is not a definitive new treatment for all TMJ patients, but another useful time saving tool for the dentist who wishes to have all available treatments for his/her patients.

Use with TMD APPLIANCE™ after 1 month for complete TMJ Disorder treatment for the majority of patients.