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The MYOBRACE® System™

The MBS™ (MYOBRACE® Starter™)

Wide adaptability for starting cases and good arch development

If cases are too severe to begin treatment with the MYOBRACE®, a variation has been developed: The MYOBRACE® Starter™ (MBS™). The tooth slots (and therefore sizes) have been eliminated, and the inner core softened to give more flexibility.

1. The MYOBRACE® Starter™ (MBS™).
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Appliance Features


The DynamiCore™ produces positive arch development and tooth alignment. The dual mould design overcomes the problems associated with previous prefabricated positioners, allowing for better compliance and providing more actively functioning orthodontics. Also incorporated are the well-recognised myofunctional training characteristics from the MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™.

The MYOBRACE System™

Straightens Teeth without Braces - Suitable for every stage of treatment.

Starter (MBS™) Regular (MB™) No Core (MBN™)
Starter (MBS™) - Wider adaptability for starting cases and good arch development. DynamiCore™ for active arch development in 2 hardnesses.
No Tooth-Slots for extra adaptability and single size.

Regular (MB™) - Optimum dental alignment and arch development in late mixed and early permanent dentition. 7 sizes with Tooth-Slots and DynamiCore™ for optimal results.

No Core (MBN™) - Maximum flexibility, best for more severe cases, patient comfort and good dental alignment. 7 sizes. It features Tooth-Slots and no DynamiCore™ for extra flexibility.

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