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The Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER™

T4K™ - The TRAINER for Kids™.

Improves facial and dental development in the growing child (mixed dentition).

Since being introduced in 1992, the Pre-Orthodontic Trainer™ (T4K™) has become the most popular and successful product available from Myofunctional Research Co. The T4K™ is most effective in early mixed dentition for tooth eruption guidance and correction of myofunctional habits. Tooth channels and labial bows guide the erupting/developing dentition into correct alignment and while the tongue tag and lip bumpers treat myofunctional habits. Base to 1st molars only. Starting is soft (Silicone) and Finishing or Phase 2 is harder (Polyurethane).

Introduction to the TRAINER System™ (English subtitles)
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NEW T4K™ 2007:

MRC has drawn from new research and experience with the MYOBRACE® appliance to provide a comprehensive update to the T4K™.

The revised T4K™ is thicker overall for better arch development and durability. It now has offset upper and lower arches with a Class I bite, rather than edge to edge as per the old T4K™. This will give better upper archexpansion, and also means the appliance is less prone to splitting at the distal ends. The tongue tag has also been extended back slightly, and modified in shape for better tongue positioning.

The revised T4K™ will be a more durable appliance, and will function even better than the outgoing T4K™.

T4K™ 2007 Features:

1: The T4K™ 2007 is thicker overall for better arch development and durability.

2: Offset upper and lower arches improves molar relationship and prevents splitting.

3: Modified tongue tag area for better tongue placement.

4: Offset upper and lower arches with Class I bite rather than edge to edge as previously.

General T4K™ Features:
Tooth guidance, MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™, 2 phase soft and harder, single size.
Key factor: Labial Bows for tooth positioning.
mixed dentition

See the T4K™ in virtual reality. (Approx. 1MB)
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Clinical Applications

Assistance to the orthodontist can be given for future orthodontic treatment using T4K™.

Early treatment - The Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER™ (T4K™) is a practical early treatment of choice for the practitioner who is now using functional appliances for early orthodontic treatment, or practitioners who have not previously used early treatment because of the inherent disadvantages of other available appliances.

Habit correction - TONGUE TAG actively trains the positioning of the tongue tip as in myofunctional and speech therapies, TONGUE GUARD stops tongue thrusting when in place and forces the child to breathe through the nose,
LIP BUMPERS to discourage over-active mentalis muscle activity.

Dental alignment – The T4K™ is premoulded to the parabolic shape of the natural arches and adapt to large and small arches alike guiding the dentition into an edge to edge Class I jaw position.

Prevents extractions – The forces widen the arch gaining space for the coming dentition.

Class II or III correction - Mandibular growth achieved by changes in mode of breathing. Passive maxillary expansion achieved by change in tongue position plus bite opening. Considerable research shows changing a child from mouth to nose breathing increases the horizontal growth of the mandible and normalizes incisor position.

Bruxing limited - By double mouthguard effect it decreases aberrant myofunctional forces on the dentition. This facilitates faster tooth movement by removing the influence of interlocking occlusal forces.

Facial development - Jaw positioning - edge to edge Class I jaw position is produced when in place (same as most functional appliances). Combined with the prevention of tongue thrusting and forcing the child to nose breathe, Class II correction in particular, is achieved.

Closing open bites and opening deep bites - Simply by removing the detrimental effect of the tongue and the peri-oral musculature on the anterior dentition, prior to regular orthodontic treatment.

Lower anterior crowding - Arch length gained by reducing the effect of the overactive mentalis muscle. There is a facial improvement by changing mode of breathing and a passive arch expansion from change in tongue position.

More Information

Recommended minimum use - ONE HOUR DAILY plus OVERNIGHT WHILE SLEEPING.

Easier implementation, better compliance, tooth guidance and myofunctional training make this appliance an ideal choice for the child 6-10 with a developing malocclusion.

The Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER™ (T4K™) is a single size, prefabricated dental appliance designed to incorporate myofunctional and tooth positioning characteristics. Being prefabricated, it requires no impressions, no moulding, and can be applied to children from 6 years of age in minimal chair time. The T4K™ is specifically for treatment in the mixed dentition stage, while the permanent teeth are erupting and the child is still growing.

Starting T4K™

Eliminating Myofunctional Problems
The starting T4K™ (blue or green) is soft for maximum compliance and flexibility to adapt to the most severe dental misalignment. The child is shown where the tongue tag is. This position is where their tongue should be with the trainer in place. The child puts T4K™ into their own mouth. Do not try to fit it yourself. It must be used every day for 1 hour plus overnight while the child sleeps.
Use the starting T4K™ for 6 to 8 months.

Finishing T4K™

Correcting Tooth Alignment
Once the dental alignment improves, the hard T4K™ (pink or red) is used. This is much stiffer (same principle as orthodontic archwire).
As the teeth come into place, more force can be used to encourage their alignment. The myofunctional characteristics are the same as the starting T4K™.
Use the finishing T4K™ for a further 6 to 12 months.
Use beyond this period is recommended depending on the outcome and the next phase of orthodontic treatment.

Arch Development

In conjunction with the TRAINER System™

The Farrell BENT WIRE System™

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