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The TRAINER for Alignment™


Aligns and retains anterior teeth in the permanent dentition

The T4A™ is like the T4K™ but designed for the permanent dentition. It has higher sides in the canine region to align erupting canines and the distal ends are longer to accommodate the second molars. The combination of labial bows and tooth channels with the 2 phase hardness, polyurethane material, give good alignment of anterior teeth. The MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™ also retrains oral musculature making it ideal in retention and minor relapse cases. Phase 1 medium (hardness) Phase 2 harder (both polyurethane).

Alignment and retention of anteriors teeth, Jaw positioning, MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™, 2 phase.
Key factor: Labial Bows for tooth positioning
Permanent dentition.

See the T4A™ in virtual reality. (Approx. 1MB)
Requires Apple QuickTime.

Clinical Applications

Arch development, can be used in conjunction with other appliances or without, cosmetic alignment, habit correction, Class II and deep bite correction, relapse correction, retention after other treatment.

Retainer - The T4A™ can be used as a retainer immediately after debanding to hold the anterior dental position while allowing settling of the occlusion. This can be used as the sole retention for highly compliant patients, or supplemented with bonded 3-3 retainers.

Being more than just a retainer, the T4A™ simultaneously treats myofunctional habits that cause relapse, maintains Class II correction and does not break like conventional retainers.

Cosmetic alignment of the anterior dentition without brackets - Many adults have misalignment of the anterior teeth but do not want to undergo complex orthodontic treatment with fixed braces. The T4A™ can be used to treat these patients for both anterior alignment plus some Class II and deep bite correction. This broadens the possibilities for both orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Correction of anterior alignment in conjunction with arch development appliances - Arch development can be useful to gain space and limit the need for extractions. Additional anterior alignment is usually needed following this with fixed brackets. The T4A™ can be used simultaneously with wire type arch developers for anterior alignment. This cuts treatment time and provides a simple no bracket system for a fraction of the cost of systems like INVISALIGN®.

Retention after orthodontic treatment with brackets - A single size appliance which holds both alignment and Class II or Class III correction while allowing for bite settling. Simultaneous oral musculature re-training can enhance the stability of the result over other pre-finishers and at a lower cost.

Anterior dental correction for minor orthodontic relapse - Minor relapse often occurs when retainers are lost or incorrectly used. Retreatments can be avoided in many cases using the T4A™. Patients are motivated not to have rebanding.
Many of these relapses can occur because poor oral habits have not been treated. The T4A™ addresses the myofunctional training (as does the T4K™ and T4B™) and treats relapse effectively into better stability.

Class II (mild) and deep bite correction in the permanent dentition - The T4A™ is similar in action to a "functional" appliance in correction of Class II and deep bite. The T4A™ is particularly effective in correction of mouth breathing and tongue thrusting. This action has been shown in published research to assist in Class II correction.

More Information

Recommended minimum use - ONE HOUR DAILY plus OVERNIGHT WHILE SLEEPING

TWO PHASE system
The T4A™ is made from super elastic, high memory polyurethane material. This allows adaption to the patient’s arch form without special fabrication. The material imparts a light force on misaligned anterior teeth similar to the action of arch wire.

Phase 1 (Starting) T4A™
The Phase 1 T4A™ (blue or clear) is a softer material with the flexibility to adapt to misaligned anterior teeth. When used, light forces are applied to the anterior teeth to assist their alignment into the correct arch form. The T4A™ Phase 1 can also be used simultaneously with specific arch development appliances. Extra spacing in the palatal area means it can be used with Crozat, LAD, Q-Helix and BWS™ (BENT WIRE System™ – see video) appliances. Combined with the myofunctional habit correction of the T4A™, these light intermittent forces produce dental alignment improvements within 3-6 months.

Phase 2 (Finishing) T4A™
Phase 2 T4A™ (red or clear) is the same design but made in a harder material putting more force on the anterior teeth. It is to be used after the phase 1 T4A™ once more aligning force is required. This further improves the tooth and Class II correction (minor) while continuing the myofunctional habit correction. It can be phased into use starting with 1-4 hours during the day while continuing with the softer starting T4A™ at night. Treatment period varies and can be a further 3-6 months plus retention.

Arch Development

In conjunction with the TRAINER System™

The Farrell BENT WIRE System™

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